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Ardell InvisiBands Demi Pixies

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Ardell Invisibands Demi Pixies lashes  (also known as Ardell Natural Demi Pixies) resemble the MAC 7 Lash. These lashes feature an invisible, lightweight band that connects the hair strands to form a strip that ensures secure corners. They are knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity, absolute comfort and an outstanding natural look.

*New* Black Insert / White Tray Packaging

Demi Pixies lashes are:

Safe & sterile
Easy to apply
& Affordable!

Click here for step-by-step lash application directions.

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How to Apply Ardell Invisibands Demi Pixies Falsies

1. Start by measuring your Demi Pixies Lash to your eye. This can be done after you have put on your eye shadow. Go ahead and align  your eyelash strip to your lash line to get a correct measure and to make sure the lash is not too long. Do this before applying eyeliner.

2. Next you will need to trim the excess lash if they are a bit too long for your natural lash line. trim off starting from the outer corner because the inner corners have smaller hairs that are meant to gradually fade in to longer hairs as you move toward the outer most part of the lash. This also helps achieve a more natural look.

3.In this next step you are going to add adhesive to the lash line. Run the glue over the band of your falsie. We recommend you to use a black adhesive. Duo Eyelash Adhesive dark works great because it dries black and blends in seamlessly with black eyeliner rather than using a clear adhesive.

4. Then wait a little bit for the glue to dry just a bit. Waiting for the adhesive to get just a little bit tacky will help get a strong bond. The best way is to hold the lashes with tweezers and lightly blow on the glue or fan the lash before applying it for five seconds (count one-one thousand, two-two thousand, etc.) This will help to instantly adhere to your eyelid skin and prevent it from sliding around on your lash line and making a mess  before it actually starts to grip.

5. To apply your lashes. Grab you tweezers and position them in the middle of the falsie, and position the strip on to your lash line. Apply pressure using your fingers against the band, this will ensure that the falsie is tight against your natural lash line as much as possible.

6. Fuse your lashes together. Using your pointer finger and thumb, gently pinch your false lashes together with your natural lashes so that they blend nicely and help you achieve a more real and natural look.

7. Mascara ! You're almost done :) Go ahead and apply mascara over your lashes. this will help lock your false and natural lashes together and make them stand out a lot more and helps to get that positive attention.

8. To define your lash line with liquid or pencil eyeliner. This on top of helping define will also help blend in the dark glue as previously mentioned to help you achieve a seamless finish.

And that's it! You're all done now. Feel free now to IG, Pin, Share and go, or tweet a picture with your new lashes and show off that sexy look :)

Pair With: 

DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive (0.18oz)
DUO Adhesive (1/2 oz)
Ardell LashGrip Adhesive (1/4 oz)


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Flattering ..though not over the top

- 10/2/2012

I bought these invisiband lashes from Sally's discount counter. These are the brown colored lashes. I really like the brown lashes as I read in a MUA post that they blend better w/the lashes & its a more natural look. Which I found is true for me. These also fit my eyes very well. I just want to tell all the ladies out there to give them a try in whatever color you choose, they are very natural and give the eyes a nice look w/o looking fake. I am 56..young @ Heart :) & noone has ever asked if I wear falsies as they are so natural. Thanx for reading, & hope you try them too.

Love Demi Pixies

- 5/18/2012

I'm a big fan of false eyelashes! Because I'm chinese, and my eyelashes are so short. Wearing false eyelashes make my eyes bigger.

please always keep these in stock!

- 5/15/2008

I have been using false lashes for about 2 years now. The demi fancies were my favorites, but have been discontinues. :(
the demi pixies are my next favorite! they make my eyes pop without looking too fake. I obviously sleep on my face...so I cant wear them at night, but they clean easily and reapply easily. please keep these in stock!

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