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Hot New Arrivals at Madame Madeline

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Red Cherry duplicates at fraction the price with Miss Adoro False Eyelashes!

Add sexy and sultry twist with iconic lash styles that brings out your inner bombshell with Miss Adoro False Eyelashes. Available in duplicate styles comparable to Red Cherry Lashes range from natural length to flirtatious alluring, Miss Adoro falsies got a style right for every occasion. These mua-quality lashes are light and made of 100% sterilized human hair, and are completely comfortable to wear.

Enjoy the look of bat-worthy eyes made with no compromises made in quality Kiss lashes is made with premium remy human hair.

Kiss Premium Lashes is created with the mission to deliver premium quality lashes for professionals and consumers alike. Our product developers have worked hand-in-hand with professional make-up artists and consultants to bring you a new generation of premium lashes. Available in two core brands, i-ENVY by KISS and EVER EZ LASHES by Kiss, made from premium Remy human hair and are individually handcrafted.

Bullseye Refillable Lash Compacts and Bullseye False Eyelash Refills

The latest way to travel with lashes! Bullseye's 'just a girl...' collection of refillable compacts and 18 lash refill styles are inspired by the beauty and glamour of the most sensational Pop and Rock female icons of our time. These high quality, hand-woven lashes are made with 100% sterile human hair. Simple and easy-to-use, each compact contains one pair of strip lashes, with a mirror tucked below the lash tray.

Katy Perry false eyelashes collection at Madame Madeline

Always beautiful, always classy, Katy is a genuine icon to lash lovers and wannabe lash lovers everywhere! Katy Perry lashes by Eylure is the most exciting launch in the lash category ever! This stunning and wearable collection ( Sweetie Pie, Oh Honey, Cool Kitty, Oh My) consists of 4 personalities (different styles) range from demure first time wear to stunning beautifully layered Double lash.

Entire line of Eylure lashes collection directly from the U.K.  From naturalites to party perfect lashes good for all occasions

Spice up your everyday look with these natural lashes from Eylure straight from UK. Adding natural volume to your lashes, no-one will ever know you’re wearing falsies! They are light, safe, flexible, and easy to apply. Eylure brings to you the very best beauty tricks of the trade with their natural Naturalites and Ready to Wear lashes for everyday wear to Party Perfect Lashes to spice up your look for special occasion.

Red Cherry lashes, like Ardell Lashes, are

Red Cherry lashes are designed to create various effects and to naturally accentuate different eye shapes. These 100% human hair lashes come in different styles (Naturals, Shimmer, Spider, Individual, and much more) to emphasize and create illusions for gorgeous fluttering eyes for any occasion.

Japonesque Lashes and Lash Placement kit.

Complete line of H-O-T BROW essential tools and products to groom, beautify, define, enhance, and style those unruly brows. Brow products include Brow Pallet, Stencils, Powder, Gel, Applicator, Brush, Curler, Accelerator, Pencil, and more.

Japonesque Lashes and Lash Placement kit.

JAPONESQUE lashes are naturals and perfect for those needing extra fullness every day.
Japonesque offers complete lash kits, lash placement kit, and eyelash curlers of all types.

Everlash Semi Permanent Eyebrow and Eyeshadows Make-ups

EVERLASH eye shadow stands out from its competitors because it does not gather in the fold of the lid.
This new generation of adhesive eye shadows reflects light with a special, elegant pearl effect. Smaller lines can be covered discretely. EVERLASH eyebrow make-up creates beautifully curved eyebrows and incredible result in just minutes..

LBL Eyelash Extensions Suppies

Flutters those long false eyelashes with Sherani Natural Look Eyelashes and Flairs! are now here.
Who says luscious lashes don't come easy or cheap. Forget globs of messy mascara, Sherani eyelashes give you that instant stylized mod look in just minutes.

LBL Eyelash Extensions Suppies

Prepare to amaze your clients with LASH beLONG professional Eyelash Extensions that last and last.
With the leading semi-permanent lash extension adhesive, patented volumizing lash extensions and specialized tools, you can customize the looks your clients crave!

Everlash Professional Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Day and night, Everlash semi-permanent lash extensions enhance your own eyelashes. Everlash Spread and Single lashes are applied individually to your own lashes with Everlash Semi-Permanent Adhesive giving a glamorous but completely natural looking effect !

Ardell Professional Salon Kit  6 Pack Refills

The lash craze is hotter than ever!
With Ardell's two new salon professional kits and refills you can give your clients a chance to experience the excitement of professional applied lashes in just minutes. Now 6 Pack Refills strip and individual lashes are available for your salon kit.

Ardell Little Black Dress half, petite lashes

Every woman has one and we've got the perfect accessory for it...lashes!
From first dates, to cocktail parties, to those intimate candle lit dinners, the Little Black Dress is perfect for that evening out. This faux fringe is just enough to take your eyes from drab to gab in minutes.