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Ardell Lashes Categories - False Eyelashes

A wide array of false eyelashes made from sterilized human hair, synthetic hair-like fibers or mink hair. The assortment includes strip lashes, individual lashes, lash extensions, feather lashes, colored lashes and jazzed up glitter or sparkle lashes. From natural to glamorous to dramatized, find the largest selection of lashes here.

Easy-to-apply strip lashes from top brands Ardell, Andrea, Revlon, Sherani, Elise, Red Cherry, Gypsy, Japonesque, DUO, Fright Night and more. Choose from hundreds of styles ranging from subtle and natural to exotic and bold.

Temporary to semi-permanent individual eyelashes in knotted and knot-free clusters and individual lashes. Choose from mini, short, medium, and long. Most lashes available in Black and Brown.

A wide range of semi-permanent lash extensions for lash professionals, includes synthetic and natural hair and mink lashes from brands such as Lash beLONG, Everlash and more.

Eyelash kits for strip lashes or individual lashes, containing combinations of lashes, adhesives and sometimes tweezers or applicators.

A large assortment of glue and removers for eyelash application and removal, including strip lash adhesive, individual lash adhesive, semi-permanent adhesive and adhesive remover. Adhesives range from latex to latex-free, temporary to semi-permanent and clear or dark.

Adhesives for easy-to-apply strip lashes from brands such as DUO, Andrea Modlash, Revlon, ArdellLashgrip, Gypsy, Sherani, Everlash and more. Latex and latex-free options. Most available in Clear or Dark.

Adhesives and adhesive removers for individual eyelash application from brands such as Andrea PermaLash, Ardell LashTite, Elise, Everlash and more.

Semi-permanent medical grade adhesives providing a long-lasting hold, to be used by salon professionals and lash technicians during lash extension application. Find semi-permanent adhesives from brands including Lash beLONG, Everlash and more.

Adhesive removers from brands such as Andrea & Ardell LashFree, Everlash and Lash beLONG help safely remove glue from individual lashes and eyelash extensions.

An assortment of tools used to assist in applying and curling lashes, grooming, shaping and accentuating brows.

Lash tools include all the essentials used to perfect the lashes such as top and bottom eyelash curlers, lash applicators, lash combs, tweezers and more. Lash tools range from consumer grade to professional grade.

Shape and accentuate eyebrows with tools including brow razors, brow stencils, brow brushes/combs, brow powder applicators, tweezers and more. Brow tools range from consumer grade to professional grade.

Professional grade tools used in lash extension application by salon professionals and lash technicians. Lash extension tools include lash curlers, precision tweezers, adhesive dryers, adhesive dishes, applicator sticks and more.

Skin care and general beauty products used for skin, eye, lash and brow maintenance, restoration and regeneration. Find make-up removers, beauty products for the eye and eyebrows, lash/brow growth products and more.

Conditioning eye make-up removers, Bio-Oil to help reduce stretch marks on the skin, Painless Tweeze to soothe pain while tweezing, age-blocking vitamins and more.

Beauty products used to accentuate the eyes and eyebrows including brow fillers, definers, pencils, shapers and powders, mascara, eye shadows and more.

Popular eyelash and eyebrow growth, conditioners and accelerators.

A variety of attractive counter displays for retail use include displays for lashes, adhesives, beauty products, skin care products and more.

Nail products created by nail technicians, nail artists, and fashion designers for professional nail techs and consumers to meet every nail need, including a fashion-forward nail polish selection, nail wraps, acrylic nails, press-on nails, at-home nail kits and more.

Hair tools include scientifically-advanced product that is unlike anything you've ever seen before to manager and improve the appearance of your hair.

Our best-in-class collection of  highly-pigmented matte lipsticks consist of long-wearing, ultra lightweight liquid to matte lipstick that will last for hours. Find color ranges from variations of nude colors, true red, chocolate, red chocolate to bright pink fuschia.

We carry the world-class 100% authentic mink lashes that are soft, light, luxurious and cruelty-free. Come see what all of the fuss is all about! Wear these falsies requested by beauty industry professionals.

Faux Mink are luxuriously lightweight and ultra-soft to provide effortless glamorous look. This 100% cruelty free lash collections feature faux lashes for all eye shapes to instantly create sumptuously and long lashes to accessorize that little black dress to wear to impress.

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Pre-glued lashes makes false lash application simple and mistake proof! Instant and easy application! Simply remove lashes from the bottom lip of the lash holder, apply and go! No mess, no fuss, no waiting! Pre-glued falsies are light weight and latex free. Natural looking, perfectly full lashes every time. 

Find the perfect lash and cosmetic retail and salon displays to catch the customer's eyes! Available from table top to spinning to full sized metal stand displays.

Fascinated by people who wear them everyday, checkout these pro tips & tricks  by follw lash aficionados and enthusiasts.

Cosmetic brushes are our passion and our heritage. Inspired by the makeup tools of Kabuki theatre, JAPONESQUE brushes have become a benchmark of excellence among the world’s most respected makeup artists. Our exquisite collection of brushes and sponges are customized for today’s most trending techniques delivering a professional experience with precision application.

Shop MADAME MADELINE for eye shadow in a wide array of pressed and cream eyeshadow. Shop for eye-catching eyeshadow palettes in neutrals for day, smoky eyes at night to reflect light with a special and elegant effects.

Famous silky-soft Faux Mink lashes and Premium hand-crafted lashes are now available in a covet-worthy gift set! These limited edition, perfectly giftable multi-pack features flirty strip lashes styles, plus the cult-favorite like wispies and iconic Faux Mink designs. Share your love for doe-eyed and dramatic lash perfection with your loved ones as stocking stuffers, or keep as a handy travel kit for romancing on the go!  ** NEW **

Shop MADAME MADELINE for eyeliner in a wide array of smudge-proof liquid and pencil eyeliner with a precision tips for application to help you hid your faux lash band while creating the perfect cat eye to reflect light with a special and elegant effects.

Frame Your Eyes With Long, Bold Voluminous Lashes with added Mascara for Extra Glam.  Explore Wide Range Of Mascara Formulas To Get Long, Full Lashes You Love. Beautiful, Defined Eyes. Design, Define & Perfect. Waterproof Formulas. Dramatic or Subtle. Eye Makeup For Any Eye.

Best Highlighters Ever! Shop the best highlighters at Madame Madeline and get the glow you've always wanted, whether it be dewy, shimmery or holographic.

Click here to browse and buy your favourite false eyelash in money saving multipacks now to enhance your gorgeous eyes even more. Best selling lashes are now available in a convenient value pack!. Never run out of your favorite lash again, they will always be available when you have these lash value pack around. With proper care and cleaning these lashes can be used multiple times. ** NEW **

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