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Lashes in the Headlines

Katy Perry may have traded in her “Rainbow Brite” hairstyles and outrageous outfits for a much more demure look, but she hasn’t let go of her inner wild child just yet. The former Mrs. Russell Brand is expanding her beauty empire with a new line of colored false eyelashes. Nope, you aren’t having déjà vu—Katy Perry is releasing yet another set of false eyelashes. Her first Eylure collection, which debuted earlier this year, featured tons of dramatic options to bat your baby blues with, but this time around it’s ALL about the hue. Eylure’s latest collection with Ms. KP—called Color Pop—involves four sets of oh-so-fun falsies including “Make room for Ka-Boom!” (blue), “Oh Wow, Ka-Pow!” (purple), “It’s m’thing, Ka-Ching!” (green), and “‘Scuse me ma’am, its Ka-Zaam!” (all three colors). Must. Have. Them. All.

Megan Bradley, 17, has extensions applied (Photo by - Christine Cotter)

Introducing Ardell's New Color Impact lashes. Similar to Katy Perry Color Pop lashes, Ardell Color Impact lashes are designed in specific shades to complement eye color. Color Impact lashes feature a sophisticated palette of colored lashes blended with black lashes for a natural look with maximum impact. Available in Wine, Plum, and Blue in top Ardell styles.

Megan Bradley, 17, has extensions applied (Photo by - Christine Cotter)

Introducing the COMPLETE line of H-O-T BROW essential tools and products to groom, beautify, define, enhance, and style those unruly brows. The line includes: Brow Pallet, Stencil, Powder, Gel, Brush, Curler, Accelerator, Mascara, & More. * NEW *

" And, at last, top makeup artists are coming clean about how they make the stars' eyes shine so bright. "False eyelashes are the best-kept secret in makeup," said Vincent Longo. "I've been doing lashes for 22 years, and I don't think false lashes have ever left my kit." Read More...

Megan Bradley, 17, has extensions applied (Photo by - Christine Cotter)

" He'd already been through a body wax for his role in The 40 Year-Old Virgin, so donning false eyelashes and pancake makeup to present the Oscar for makeup probably wasn't a big deal for Steve Carell. ``What are you wearing?'' asked Carell's co-presenter, Will Ferrell, also plastered in orange makeup." Read More...

Fast glamour
Nothing makes a woman look more glamorous faster than deftly applied false eyelashes. Makeup artist Michelle Garbin is used to putting on makeup complete with false eyelashes in 15 minutes for the 26 models on the new TV hit "Deal Or No Deal." With 14 years experience applying the false eyelashes on Playboy bunnies, I watched in amazement as she expertly put individual lashes on me in less than 5 seconds flat! Let me warn you, learning to apply false lashes will take a lot longer than 5 seconds, but it's well worth the effort.

According to Michelle, the first thing to understand is the importance of eyelash glue. It comes in two colors -- white (which dries clear) and black, which you should only use if you're planning on practicing a lot -- otherwise it can smear and ruin the rest of your makeup. Michelle stresses the importance of using these semi-permanent glues which will peel off like a band-aid and never using the jars of more permanent clear glue which can harm your skin and rip out your eyelashes permanently. False lashes can be purchased at your local drugstore. Style #747 is the standard size and these kits usually come with a tube of glue. You'll want to practice not only applying, but wearing false lashes a few times before your big day because it takes about 15 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the weight of the lashes.

Michelle walked me through these easy steps: First, curl your eyelashes. Apply glue all across the strip edge, adding a dab to the corners. Keeping your chin up and casting your eyes down, stretch the false lash and lay it down, starting with the outer corner of your eye. Gently pat it down with a Q-tip. Michelle advised either using the whole strip -- she feels that cutting it up, never works properly. If you want a less chunky look, it's better to use individual lashes, which are actually little clumps of lashes, and if you practice with them, should only take an extra 5 minutes to apply. Brunettes should use black lashes, blondes should use brown lashes, and red heads should alternate individual black and brown lashes with brown mascara for the most natural effect. Like anything in life, practice makes perfect and with the right outlook, applying glam eyelashes can be a lot of fun. To book a makeup appointment with Michelle Garbin email mascara1@msn.com.

Did you know Madonna's Diamond Lash's are real diamonds and cost $10,000!!!! Get the same glamorous look with Ardell Elegant Lashes for only $3.50. Find more to choose from at ELEGANT EYES.

40 year old virgin with false eyelashes

(CBS) Forget everything you think you know about fake lashes, because the newest incarnations are so natural and easy to apply, you'll be more glamorous in the blink of an eye, according to The Early Show correspondent Melinda Murphy.

Murphy says their popularity is spreading rapidly.

Madonna wears them. And Oprah has some made out of mink.

Celebrated makeup artist Vincent Longo says, "Lashes are definitely very hip now, because it's a very easy way to do your makeup, and truly look glamorous, and keep it playful without getting too serious."

Longo should know. After all, points out Murphy, he has his own makeup line, and his clients include enough stars to fill a galaxy.

"On the runway shows, we definitely use them." Longo says. "With the celebrities, if it's an evening out and it is a little more glamorous and it is the red carpet, we'll definitely go there with the false lashes."

Trendsetter Jennifer Lopez even had some custom-made out of red fox for the Academy Awards.

Murphy notes, "It seems as if starlets have always worn fake eyelashes — Betty Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Ccrawford. You name 'em, they wore 'em."

"(False) eyelashes were first invented in 1919 by a makeup artist named Max Factor," notes "Allure" magazine Editor in Chief Linda Wells. "He made them out of human hair for a starlet and they became a standard in Hollywood."

But Murphy urges, "Listen up gals: Lashes aren't just for celebrities anymore."

Wells says having lashes applied is like getting a new hairdo: "Everyday women are starting to wear them. …It's inexpensive, it's something that women can do easily and it's fun at night. …I think we're going to see more of these popping up across the country and women will drop in and get this done, the way women get their hair blown out for an evening. And that used to be something no one did. And I think it's going to be a big thing."

It already is at places such as Shu Uemura in New York City, where General Manager Chris Salgardo says, "We've seen sales of lashes rise 80 percent since June. …(Women are) following the trends. They're seeing it all over the publications. It's in every magazine. It's on the runways. So there's definitely this curiosity about lashes."

So much so, that Shu Uemura even has a "lash bar," and on a recent Tuesday afternoon, the joint was hopping, Murphy reports.

Customer Lily McIlvaney says, "They're dramatic, but not quite Liza Minelli. So you're making a statement, but not over the top."

J.P. McCary, a Shu Uemura lash stylist, points out that, "Curling your lashes makes them the biggest difference before you put on fake lashes. It's one thing to remember."

Another? Put on mascara before and after you put on the lashes.

Lashes at Shu Uemura go for $12.50 a pop, and the glue is $5, Murphy adds. And the consultation is free.

Source: ©MMIV, CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In Style magazine May issue features Makeup artist Kimberly Greene applies Ardell Fashion Lashes on Lindsey Lohan.


In Style Magazine features Ardell Fashion Lashes

Fashion Columnist Debra Braggs

The search for long lashes

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I wasn't blessed with long, luxurious lashes.

The majority of women weren't. But, oh how we covet them.

Who hasn't envied those Bette Davis eyes?

That's why mascara is the biggest selling beauty product on the market, according to Women's Wear Daily magazine.

These days, however, Hollywood has upped the ante. To get pretty peepers like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Oprah, you've got to invest in a little more than a $4 bottle of mascara.

Whether it's permanent extensions or do-it-yourself false eyelashes sold in drug stores and cosmetic departments, there are a growing number of women who don't blink at spending big bucks to get the lavish look.

Every starlet in Tinseltown is sporting faux lashes. Styles mimic mink, fox, feathers or real hair.

Jennifer Lopez has sported red fox fur lashes on the red carpet, while Madonna had the shu uemura brand create a diamond-studded pair just for her.

Once Oprah's stylist included shu uemura's mink eyelashes in the "Oprah's Favorite" makeup kit, the brand immediately hit the "must-have" list.

With that kind of celebrity hype, eyelash bars have been set up in select cities on the West Coast to meet the demand. And various cosmetic lines, like Sephora, are designing their own false lash collection, making them available at cosmetic counters for custom fitting.

Here's a few things to considering if you're thinking of lashing out.

Temporary lashes can cost anywhere from $7 to $20 a pair. They should not be worn overnight and probably shouldn't be worn more than twice before throwing them away. Just like mascara, temporary lashes can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you're looking for something more permanent for your peepers, then be prepared to invest time and money. The first treatment for a permanent pair can cost up to $300 and take up to a couple of hours as each lash is individually placed and glued into position. Then there is maintenance which is required every five to six weeks. The re-tightening and replacement process can cost up to $75 a visit.

For some women, however, the time and money are worth it to be able to throw away the eyelash curler and not have to replace false lashes daily.

It's important to note that permanent false lashes are not for women who suffer from allergies or rub their eyes a lot.

That rules me out.

I did, however, take some for a test drive recently when a pair of Ardell Fashion Lashes showed up on my desk. The box read: "Made of 100 percent human hair, these lashes look so natural that others will think you were born with beautiful, lush lashes."

My curiosity got the better of me, and I gave them a try.

After several attempts to glue them in the perfect position, plus a few eye pokes and flowing tear, I was finally satisfied and comfortable with my new flirty blinkers.

They were definitely an eye-opener. I felt, glamorous, stylish and red-carpet ready -- with no where suitable to go.

Remove on strip of lashes from the tray and trim, if necessary, to fit the width of your eye.

Lightly paint a thin strip along the roots of the lash strip and gently blow the lashes to help the glue become tacky.

Starting at the outer corner of your eye, gently place the strip along your lash line and press down.

Use lash liner to close in the gap if you don't quite get the lashes to the edge of your natural lash line.

Finish with a coast of mascara to help blend the faux and natural lashes.

Don't leave them on overnight. To remove, close the eye and work the lashes down. Remember to remove all the adhesive from your lid.

" I did, however, take some for a test drive recently when a pair of Ardell Fashion Lashes showed up on my desk. The box read: "Made of 100 percent human hair, these lashes look so natural that others will think you were born with beautiful, lush lashes."

My curiosity got the better of me, and I gave them a try.

After several attempts to glue them in the perfect position, plus a few eye pokes and flowing tear, I was finally satisfied and comfortable with my new flirty blinkers.

They were definitely an eye-opener. I felt, glamorous, stylish and red-carpet ready " Read More


What turns a bride into a "Bridezilla"? Trouble with her lashes, of course! Find out when the second season of the WE: Women's Entertainment Network's reality series looks at several brides who go ballistic and melt down as they prepare for their big day.

Premiering Sunday, June 12 at 10 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. PDT, part-time piano teacher, 19-year-old ADRIANA takes us through the nerve-wracking planning of her quickie wedding. Adriana became engaged to 20-year-old JASON, a navy fireman, after only three dates, and the couple decided to get married just one month later.


The WB’s “Pepper Dennis.” Actress Rebecca Romijn bats an eye with Ardell Lashes while actors Josh Hopkins and Rider Strong are treated with Clubman products.


Professional makeup artists consider our products to be the best in the business and couldn't do their job without them. Wendy George, the head makeup artist on the show "Deal or No Deal", uses Ardell lashes on every model on that show, and she said, "You can't do makeup without Eye Q's!

Dancing w the star using ardell lashes duralash flare Mel and Willa.jpgKarina

lilly and vivicaViv and Artist

Just want to remind our customers both Gypsy Strip Lashes and Ardell Strip Lashes are made of 100% Human Hair. Gypsy individual lashes are made of synthetic lash like fibers. Ardell Wild and Runway lashes are also synthetic.

Anatomy of a timely Classic

By Ernie McCraw
?The little black dress, a single strand of pearls, or a beautiful shade of red lipstick — the classics never go out of style. It’s the same with cosmetics. No matter what the occasion, the time of year, or the latest trendy product at the cosmetics counters, you can’t go wrong with these time-tested treatment routines that never seem to fade away.
From Brigett Bardot, Ingrid Bergman and Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel, lush lashes have always been a starlet classic. And don’t fret if you weren’t blessed with naturally thick lashes, because there are several tools to help volumize your eyes.
Boosting your natural lashes can be as easy as the mascara you choose. Volumizing mascara coats lashes with a thickening formula to give lashes a fuller look. With Palladio Thickening Mascara, the brush is thick and wide to quickly coat as much of the lashes as possible with just a few strokes.
Lengthening mascara contains fibers that extend the length of each lash. The brush is spiral and less dense than a volumizing mascara brush. Savvy Infinity Lash Extender Lengthening Mascara is a good choice. Lash primer is a colorless conditioner that both thickens and volumizes lashes. The brush is short and dense. Try Claudia Stevens Eyelash Thickener before you apply your usual mascara.
An eyelash curler can also help to make lashes look fuller by pressing lashes so that they curl up against the lid, giving the eyes a more open look and making the lashes appear longer.
To really pump up your lashes and give yourself the most dramatic look in seconds, you can’t go wrong with faux lashes. A starter kit such as Ardell Fashion Lash contains everything you’ll need: lashes; adhesive and positioning tool. For a more natural look, use faux lashes on just the outer third of the eye.

Mary J. Blige's look proved it: All eyes are on the lashes

By Jonathan Pinkerton. McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)

Mary J. Blige may have had tears welling while accepting her Grammy Awards this month, but could you see them through her eyelashes?

Her thick lashes were so long that they were practically touching her eyebrows - and she wasn't the only one wearing eyelashes as an accessory.

Carrie Underwood and Christina Aguilera also had the impossibly-long-lashes look at the Grammys and are just some of the celebrities following the trend that bigger - and longer - is better.

False eyelashes, which went mainstream a few years ago, are reaching longer and longer lengths. Now, some women tired of putting on the fake kind are paying hundreds of dollars for eyelash implants or extensions that last from a few weeks to a few months. Some surgeons are even doing eyelash transplants for $3,000 an eye.

Why so much excitement about eyelashes, which are supposed to keep foreign bodies out of one's eyes, not attract potential mates?

"Hair in general is a sexual symbol and suggests strength and being sensuous," says Gilda Carle, a psychotherapist in New York. "Eyelashes are just an extension of the hair on the head."

Carle describes eyelashes as a symbol of femininity. Once considered tacky, false eyelashes are now more accepted - and, on the red carpet, expected.

"It's like a new handbag or pair of shoes," says Meredith Boyd, Mrs. Georgia United States 2003 and founder of Mere Cosmetics, based in Atlanta.

The beauty pageant winner thinks that eyelashes have become mainstream because of advances in technology - meaning eyelash extensions.

"It is the new rage to have eyelash extensions put in," Boyd says. "It gives such beauty, length and dynamic to the eye. Anytime you have a picture taken, eyelashes really frame the face."

But the cost, care and upkeep of false eyelashes leave many asking: Why bother?

Boyd had a friend who paid hundreds of dollars to extend her eyelashes for a photo shoot. She then regularly paid more to fill in where the hairs had fallen out. A month later, her friend gave up on the extensions altogether.

"She was tired of having them redone," Boyd says.

Now some women are turning to another, even more costly procedure.

Alan Bauman, a Florida physician specializing in hair restoration, performs a permanent eyelash transplant procedure. He takes hair follicles from the back of the scalp and attaches them to the eyelash. The number of follicles per eyelid may vary depending on ethnicity, but on average it's about 35 to 50.

The $3,000-per-eye price tag is a tad higher than the $20 spent at a drugstore for fake ones, but these lashes won't fall off and might even require routine trimming so that the eyes don't resemble spiders.

Bauman says that eyelash transplants are on the rise and that his surgical schedule has tripled from a year ago. In the past three months, he has received more than 100 inquiries about the procedure.

But what about the dudes? Are there actually men who get eyelash transplants?

Bauman says yes. He has scheduled his first male client for cosmetic eyelash transplants, an unusual diversion from the males who seek reconstruction due to injuries.

There is no denying that eyelashes are increasingly important in American culture, but attention to them isn't new.

"It has been a sign of beauty for women," Bauman said, "since the dawn of history."

DURALASH NATURALS featured in O, the OPERA magazine: "For more drama, try flares (sprigs of two or three false lashes). Using Tweezers, dip the lashes in a bit of glue (often packaged with the lashes), and plate them on the outer third of the upper lashline. Three flares should do the track. Always: Look for onces labeled knot free (Martin used Ardell Duralsh Naturals)-the ends will blend seamlessly into your lashline."

Take a walk on the wild side with our *NEW* WILD Lashes and high-end cosmetic grade Runway Lashes. Look for even more exciting strip and individual styles with GYPSY LASHES and the NEW Ardell Lash Extension Kit.

Introducing ARDEL LashMagic (Blending Mascara). LashMagic is formulated specifically to blend natural lashes into false ones making them virtually undetectable giving a more natural look. The LashMagic is designed to coat each lash in just ONE stroke so there is no heavy build up. And what is more, the formula is water soluble and can be easily removed without ruining a perfect pair of Ardell or Andrea false eyelashes. * NEW *

Introducing Ardell little BLACK dress. The Little Black Dress is every woman has one and we've got the perfect accessory for it...lashes! From first dates, to cocktail parties, to those intimate candle lit dinners, Ardell Little Black Dress is perfect for that evening out. This faux fringe is just enough to take your eyes from drab to gab in minutes. Designed as eye accents these lashes are half the length of typical lashes and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes for that Audrey Hepburn look. There are two styles of accents in each kit, one natural looking style and the other with just the right amount of glitter to make eyes sparkle! Adhesive and a pair of tweezers for easy application complete the kit. From formal affairs to just a night out on the town with friends, these lashes are just what you need to create natural looking lashes with a twist of glamour and style. * NEW *

Check out Susie's YouTube video tutorial on applying individual false lashes. Tutorial will illustrate step by step application of Ardell Duralash Flare (knotted) Lashes using LashTite Adhesive. Click on image below to view tutorial.

Susie's video tutorial  for individual lashes.

How does Paris manage to look that, um, good? With three trunks of make up, enough (ARDELL) false eyelashes for a Pretty Little Princess pageant, and a white-jacketed professional, that's how! ...This pro makeup person swung by the Hilton family's Bel Air mansion yesterday, so it looks like the [Paris] will be caking on the foundation, shoveling on the shadow and gluing on the eyelashes.

Provide your clients with beautiful LONG LASTING professional lash extensionProvide your clients with beautiful LONG LASTING professional lash extension
Ardell Fashion Lashes and Duralash in Makeup Bag!

Check out Spagirlcanada's very thorough video tutorial on applying individual false lashes. Her youtube Tutorial, titled "How to apply false eyelashes and have a glamour look," illustrates step by step application of Ardell Duralash Flare Long Black Lashes using Ardell LashTite Adhesive Clear Tone and tweezers. Click on image below to view tutorial.

The late Japanese make-up artist Shu Uemura (1928-2007) has been associated with elevating eyelashes to extraordinary lengths, but it was the American movie director D. W. Griffith who invented false eyelashes in 1916.

During the filming of his movie Intolerance, Griffith thought the eyelashes of his leading star Seena Owen lacked length and thickness. So he attached fake strands to Seena’s eyes and — voila! — the world’s first fake eyelashes were born!

Elise lashes from the same maker of Shu Uemura  lashes.

Check out Thefashionmave's YouTube video tutorial on applying traditional strip false eyelashes using Ardell Fashion Lashes #120 Demi Black lashes with Eyelash and Eyebrow Adhesive. Click on image below to view tutorial.

Thefashionmave tutorial on traditional full strip lash  application. 9 minutes+ comprehensive tutorial.

The lash craze is hotter than ever! With Ardell's two NEW salon professional kits and refills you can give your clients a chance to experience the excitement of professional applied lashes in just minutes. Now 6 Pack Refills strip and individual lashes are available for your salon kit.

Introducing LASH beLONG. Prepare to amaze your clients with LASH beLONG professional Eyelash Extensions that last and last. With the leading semi-permanent lash extension adhesive, patented Volumizing Lash Extensions and specialized tools, you can customize the looks your clients crave!. *NEW*

Halloween is just around the corner. Fright Night has a complete collection of accessories to add that finishing touch to just about any Halloween costume. Find Streaks 'N Tips spray temporary hair dye spray and false eyelashes to please every Witch and Goblin.

Find fanciful lashes and temp hair dyes to compliment those false eyelashes.Ardell and Andrea Halloween Fright Night Displays

Entire EVERLASH line of products including spread lashes, single lashes, eyebrow and eyeshadow kits is here!

EVERLASH eyebrow and eyeshadow make-up is wipe-proof after around 20 minutes. A complete eyebrow is not only the finishing touch to make-up, but also influences the facial expression considerably.

Introducing Japonesque False Eyelashes . It takes the right touch to turn makeup from funcamental to fantastic. Japonesque false eyelashes provide that touch with a consistency that delivers the right look every time for every mood and occasions! Japonesque offers Soft Touch Lash Placement Kit, Complete Lash Kit, and Falsies and Curlers of all kinds.

Introducing Red Cherry lashes here at MadameMadeline.com Red Cherry lashes have an invisible strip for a natural effect. They are made with 100% Human Hair, are easy to apply, and great great for Makeup Artists, Models, Special Events or A Night Out.

Checkout video tutorial How to Apply False Eyelashes by FalseEyelashes.com

FalseEyelashes.com Video Episode 1. How to Apply False Eyelashes.  Shot and Edited by PGStudioLA.




Check out Ardell and Andreas' NEW ACCENTs Lashes. Accents is a collection of baby (half) eyelashes that are easy to apply and create instant glam in just minutes.

Eylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame Madeline

Introducing EYLURE FALSE EYELASHES Eylure's 60 years of beauty heritage brings to you the very best beauty tricks of the trade. From fabulous strip lashes in a multitude of styles, to semi permanent lash extensions there is a lash solution for everyone.




Naomi Giannopoulos (Vegas Nay) is an instafamous professional makeup artist #promua with 20 years of experience. With a passion for makeup of all kind and fashion for decades, Naomi teamed up with lash maker Eylure to come up with new glamorous Vegas Nay Lash Collection.

They are an alluring and original lash collection providing styles from full to glam to make beautiful bold stylish statement. Vegas Nay False Lashes by Eylure has stunning jewel-toned packaging enhanced with gold, a perfect reflection of her flawless profile. The initial collection has three lashes each with a back of pack that is individually tailored to show exactly what the lashes can do.

Checkout #Vegas_Nay False Lashes @ http://goo.gl/OlwlgR

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