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Ardell LashTite Adhesive Reviews for the product - Ardell LashTite Adhesive (Back to product)
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Loving it/ learning curve

- 11/15/2012

Loving the Ardell Lashtite Adhesive (Black) but was a definite learning curve for me being a first time user. Used the knot free Ardell false eyelashes for top row, and single lashes on the bottom.

Hopefully Helpful Hints:
1. eyelashes can be moved if u make a boo boo if u do it quickly
2. a magnifying mirror helps tons (as does reading glases to pick the false eyelashes up with tweezers), once u drop em they go who knows where lol
3. putting a dab of adhesive on a glass surface helps for "lash end dipping"
4. too little adhesive lashes fall off
5. too much adhesive looks gloppy
6. if adhesive contacts the eyelid, (at least for me) itches like crazy after awhile.
7. was helpful to have something to lightly press false eyelash onto real lash for better "sticking" power
8. when done, used over the counter soothing eye drops to help relieve some (minor) redness/irritation

I plan on wearing until the adhesive wears off. It's been 3 days so far, time will tell how long it holds up.

Always In My Bag

- 6/10/2013

I don't bother with a drop or 2 on aluminum foil as it says to on the tiny bottle. I just unscrew the cap, use the tweezers in one hand to grasp a lash, and use the other hand to tilt the bottle so the glue comes to the edge of the lip. Then I dip the lash end, place the bottle down, and gently place the lash where I want it.
It dries clear mostly but sometimes there's too much glue on the lash, so when it dries, it seems like there's lint on your lash, but it's the glue.
Still, it's a product that works!

No need for other brands

- 2/14/2015

Was going to try the duo adhesive but went with this one instead. So far im happy with this one, so I;ll just keep buying thins one for now!

Worth it

- 3/25/2015

The product is definitely worth the money, dries fast and clear.

as advertised

- 6/17/2015

Just tried this product for the first time not long and it works as advertised. they hold really good. I

Hold hold hold

- 7/13/2015

My really good friend recommend this glue. I couldn't believe how well it works. It's better than the eyelash glue that is sold in regular stores. The glue works instantly once you have applied the eyelashes under the lid of the eye. Seems like the lashes hold for ever.

Amazing hold

- 7/23/2015

This one held my lashes on for 10 days!! Amazing what this glue can do.

Best glue for individual lashes

- 8/1/2015

I have been using this glue for years, my lashes go on and stay on :)

I like !

- 9/13/2015

Glue is easy to use, dries up clear and looks natural. Good buy


- 9/13/2015

Holds strong !


- 10/4/2015

This is a really good adhevsive. Be careful though because this is not a strip adhesive. Be sure to apply it to your lashes. Other then that this is a great individual lash glue. Works really and the lashes stay on.

Tight hold

- 10/14/2015

I'm a lash addict and in particular an individual lash addict. This glues is like magic. Held my lashes for 2 weeks. Thought they would come off a little before that while taking showers but they held in place really good.

Sticks very good.

- 10/28/2015

This glue sticks really well, a bit thicker then others and goes on clear. I really like that.

Stay on for days

- 12/9/2015

This is a good product, dries quick and holds the lashes for a few days which is great for me.

Ardell Lashtite

- 12/22/2015

What can I say! this glue is great...

No irritation

- 1/3/2016

I have used other products that give me irritation, but this one doesn't and works really good. Very happy with this product.


- 1/12/2016

My friend who is going to cosmetology school recently used this on me and I was very satisfied with this glue and the results. Just a tip, I would buy the adhesive remover otherwise you will pull some of your lashes off when removing the falsies.

long time hold

- 2/2/2016

I love this glue, it helps my lashes stay on for a very long time. I always order from here.

Serious holding power

- 2/2/2016

Boy this glue adheres to your lashes really really good!! I wanted a product that will stick for a few days and this one went for a couple weeks.This Glue has really good staying power.


- 3/23/2016

I use this to apply my individual eyelash extensions and it will hold for up to 2 weeks. Do not apply to the skin apply them to your lashes themselves (i learned the hard way) after my research i found that in order to remove them safely its best if you remove with Ardell LashFree remover to prevent loss of eyelashes. Very recommended glue for individual lashes!

This glue works!

- 5/25/2016

Once you get used to using this glue you will love it!! This glue will hold your lashes a few weeks depending on how you take care of them of course. Although you may loose one or two after a few days, it's really easy to just replace the lashes especially if you buy bulks of lashes also from here for super good price. I've seen the bad reviews and I don't understand why they hate it. Maybe they're just not using it right or they're not letting it dry completely. This dries hard so if you try to pull them off your lashes without doing it properly, you will pull your natural lashes out. I have the lash free remover that is made to dissolve this glue. Hopefully this helps.

Great hold

- 5/29/2016

Glue stays on very well. Used this to apply extensions. They stayed in over a week, week and a half as my natural lashes grow out. This is a great product!
Longest lasting and completely invisible. I bought the clear glue. Came on time exactly how I wanted it. Thank you

I love this product

- 6/11/2016

This came so fast! I'm very impressed by the speed and quality of this product.
I watched many videos on how to apply false eyelashes and they always recommend using clear or white glue. I chose to use clear and was happy with the results it did the job REALLY WELL. My eyelashes did not budge all night.. recommend!


- 6/12/2016

I don't have dark hair but after reading the reviews of this product I went ahead and purchased in black anyway. I thought that this would be best to use to make my eyelashes look more natural yet full. I was aware of how strong the glue was so I didn't mind that. Actually, the product itself is amazing!!! BUT for me, if it's in clear.
Once it dried up it looked like I had spots of eyeliner on since i didnt needd to apply to my whole lash line. If you plan on having fake eyelashes glued onto every section of your lash line then you could handle the black adhesive. However, for someone like me who just wanted a few here and there it didn't work for me . I'm now ordering the clear one so when I receive that one I will give this a 5 star review.

Perfect for use with individual lashes

- 6/29/2016

This adhesive is perfect for applying my Ardell individual lashes. It has a nice strong hold and is easy to use. I did exactly as the instructions say, poured it on some tinfoil and then dipped the base of the lashes in it...by doing it this way, I am not using too much and it will take me a LONG time to use it up. It does have a somewhat strong odor but only if you are sniffing around at it, it doesn't smell once it's dry . I would definitely recommend this. I plan on trying out the transparent version of this as well since i only purchased the black version.

My favorite eyelash glue

- 7/8/2016

I could not find this glue anywhere! It has a black eyeliner effect that works well with individual lash insertion. Perfect to use in-between lash fills, to add a few more lashes in-between time. It doesn't dry as fast as other eyelash glue so it gives you time to work. Love love this glue.

Just as advertised

- 7/8/2016

You definitely want to know what you're doing to use this product. It works EXTREMELY WELL!! It keeps your lashes in place even if you get them wet or sleep in them.
*Warning, this adhesive needs to be removed with the corresponding Ardell adhesive remover. I learned the hard way. (i purchased from this site along with my glue, i love that they have in the description to do so so that i did do) But for that reason I'm leaving my review so others know that this is a stronger glue than those for lash strips its intended to be used with individual lashes.

This Works!

- 7/18/2016

This glue works a little too well lol make sure to use eyelash glue remover so you don't accidentally take some of your own lashes off. Its really one of my faves.

must have

- 9/20/2016

Good stuff ... you need this if your applying those individual lashes or full-on false eyelashes... I use this to apply my own lash extensions... This glue held up for about 2 weeks...

Works great

- 9/21/2016

This glue works well to give you a lash extension that holds up to several weeks is used with care. A little goes a long way, and if you use too much on the lash, it will be noticeable. So it's better to go light on the glue. It is easy to use. I apply my individual lashes under my natural lashes for a clean lash line. with the glue it looks very natural. I use the short and medium lashes because I use glasses half the time. I would recommend this to friends and others and i will buy this glue again.

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