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Ardell Duralash Flare COMBO Pack

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Ardell Duralash COMBO Pack lashes are ideal for first-time individual eyelash users. The Combo pack comes with a total of 56 knotted, individual black lash clusters, including: 1 row of Flare Short Black lashes, 2 rows of Flare Medium Black lashes, and 1 row of Flare Long Black lashes.

Use more lash clusters for added fullness and volume. Use less lash clusters for a more natural look by accentuating eyes with just a few lash clusters placed at the outer corner of the eyes.

Available in:

Ardell Duralash Flare Individuals Knotted Combo Pack (30610)

These combo individual lashes are:

Safe & sterile
Easy to apply
& Affordable!

Use with: Ardell LashTite Adhesive, Everlash Individual Adhesive, and Ardell LashFree Adhesive Remover.

How to Apply:

Start by pouring  small amount of individual lash adhesive onto a smooth surface. This could be a piece of aluminum foil, or it could be a small plastic surface from the tray that holds the lashes. Stir the glue with a toothpick for a few seconds to help the glue become tackier so it sticks better. 

Next pick up a lash cluster with tweezers and dip the knotted end in the glue. Try to get a thin, even layer on the lash so it doesn't look lumpy. 

Apply by attaching the cluster extension to your lashes. Start at the center of your eye and work toward the outer edge of the eye. Repeat going inward.  Place the extensions directly on top of your natural eyelashes close to--but not touching --the skin of your eyelid.
Once the cluster has been applied, gently hold it in place with a cotton swab until the glue dries. Blink a few times to make sure the cluster is firmly in place, then repeat the process with the rest of the the duralah individual lashes.


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I like this!

- 2/5/2013

I like the way they make my eyes look. I have big eyes. Very round and almond
shaped. The lashes give my eyes a
more definite look.

duralash combo

- 5/15/2008

well i buy individual eyelashes because i love the way they bring out my eyes thy fill out my eyelashes and they make me feel pretty as crazy as that might sound.

individual work for me

- 5/15/2008

Mine lashes are not nearly as long or thick as they used to be. I use these individual lashes to make my eyes look the way they were when I was younger.

addes volume

- 5/15/2008

I have alpecia due to medical condition that causes me to lose most of my natural lashes. I like the combo flare and combo naturals and use the short ones to fill in the gaps and longer ones for the corner of each eye for added volume.

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