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Ardell Professional Knot Free Naturals Lower Lash Individuals

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Ardell Professional Knot Free Naturals Lower Lashes are Knot free and contain 56 easy to apply, lower length individual eyelash clusters.  Length is approx. 7mm long.  These extra-short individual clusters are light weight for an incredibly natural-looking, realistic result.

Style: Natural - Glam

Especially great for eyeshapes

Ideal for occasions: Daily use, Wedding, Prom, Party, Night out

Because these lash clusters are knot-free, they do not have clumsy knots or dark bands, making them one of the most natural looking lashes on the market. Plus, these lash clusters can be worn for up 6 weeks at a time! 
New Black/White Tray Packaging

These lashes are:

Safe & sterile
Easy to apply
& Affordable!

How to Apply Ardell Professional Individuals - Duralash Knot-Free Naturals Mini Black:

Thoroughly clean your eyelids so they are make up and oil free. Lift an Ardell Duralash Naturals Mini Individuals lash cluster from the tray with tweezers and dip into the adhesive. Start at the center of the eyelid and work outward. Return to center and work inward until lashes blend.

Individual Lashes Tips: 

Curl your natural lashes before you start applying Ardell individual lashes. 

Draw your eyeliner on before you apply the individual eyelashes as it would be a little difficult to draw over the extensions without making a bit of a mess.

To apply (optional) mascara, do so after you have applied the individual extensions and when glue has dried completely.

Care amd Cleaning Tips:

Avoid rubbing your eyes with harsh towel. Allow your lashes to air dry. Avoid using oil-based makeup remover. REMOVAL: Moisten two cotton swabs with a specially formulated lash remover or baby oil. Place one above lashes and one below. Gently massage the two swabs back and forth until lashes fall off. WARNING: Never pull or tug at lashes as this may cause loss of lashes. CAUTION: Use only as directed. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

How Duralash Looks/Feels:

Clusters of eight to ten false lashes. Each are no longer than a fingernail. What We Love About it:

Individual cluster lashs are as natural-looking as it gets. Forget any resemblance  with over the top lashes from drag or pageant queens. The learning curve requires a steady hand and some initial practice.  Once you get the hang of it after a few tries, you can volumize your natural lashes in just fraction of the time with a few clusters to make a big difference in the way your eyelashes will look!

Pro Lash Application Tips: 

Try bending the lash tray so the lashes are easier to grab. When the tray is bent, the lash clusters will "stick up" from the wells of the tray, making it easier to remove without damaging their shapes or pulling out any of the hairs. 

Make sure to remove the lower lash clusters from as close to the base as possible. This will ensure that their shape is in tact and no hairs are pulled off during removal. 

Dip your lash into the dot of glue and make sure the curve of the lash is DOWNWARDS (like your natural lower lashes are). Snuggle the flare lash either directly under or in between your natural lashes. Work your way in until you have your desired look.

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