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Ardell Mega Flare Individual Lashes Short Black

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Ardell Mega Flare Individual Lashes Short Black is currently out of stock; Item will be available again shortly.

Ardell Duralash Mega Flare Knot-Free Individual Short Black Lashes are high-quality thicker, ultra wide individuals criss-cross to use to easily customize and accent every eye shape and color and design for fuller, more dramatic lashes. Use more for a full look, less for just some accents or to simply fill in gaps.

Ardell Duralash Mega Flare Short Lashes are developed for lash wearers who desire to be creative and sculpt their own beautiful long lashes with these innovative big wide lash clusters. Perfect for a night out or any special occasion. The possibilities are endless with these wider lash clusters!

Ardell’s most voluminous individual lashes with 24 strands per lash cluster compared to 10 strands in a regular individuals.  Each short lash cluster is designed perfectly shaped and arranged to give striking effects perfect to bring out dramatically intense eyes.  They are Knot free and easy to apply.  ** NEW **

  • Style: Natural to Glamour
  • Most Voluminous individual lashes
  • Length is approx. 8mm long
  • Contain 56 Short length Knot Free Clusters
  • Knot-free for a subtle, most natural seamless look

Wearers who prefer individual lashes can use less or more, depending on the look they want to achieve. These individual lashes allow you to customize your eyes to be exactly the way you want them.

Usage Note (IMPORTANT):

Due to the delicate nature of the Mega Flare lashes, it is important to use the right type of tweezers and technique to remove them from the tray. Please note, these Mega clusters are larger than normal individual clusters because they contain more hair strands. Also, because the style is knot-free, they do not have a knot to hold all the hairs together, so it is necessary to use more glue in the design to hold together the larger ends.

We would highly recommend using extra precaution in removing these clusters from the tray: Use a larger, flat or slant tip tweezers to grab ALL the hairs in the cluster (toward the base) at once, then gently tug on them carefully and patiently, so the hairs don't rip apart. Due to the larger amount of glue required, if you try to remove the cluster while leaving a hair or two behind, the cluster may want to go either way and can rip apart. We would suggest to avoid using fine-tip tweezers as it would be more difficult to grab the entire cluster and the cluster could rip apart much more easily.

Lash Tips:  

Apply both medium and long lashes by applying them one by one going back and forth between medium and long to get that wispy effect. Or just add a few on the outer corners for extra-feathery fringe.

These lashes are:

Knot-free, Weightless, Double the volume, Safe & sterile, Easy to apply\ & Affordable!

These lashes are:

Knot-free, Weightless, Double the volume, Safe & sterile, Easy to apply\ & Affordable!

How to apply:

1) You'll need good quality tweezers. Preferably flat or slant tip. Before applying individual lashes, thoroughly clean your natural eyelashes and eyelids so they are makeup and oil free.

2) Slide the tweezers to the base of the tray closes to the knot. Gently lift and remove from the tray, trying not to bend or dent them during the process. Then lay on a clean surface. 

3) Using a small piece of foil or plastic, squirt a small dime size of glue or adhesive on top.

4) Grab your tweezers and pick up the lash cluster by the very tip end with the curl facing up position and ready for application. Don't squeeze to hard, you may crimp the lash unintentionally.

5) Steadily swipe the end of the knot across the top of the adhesive. Avoid dipping, you can grab more glue than you really need. If you have a little too much glue, gently swipe again to remove any extras.

6) With a magnifying mirror handy, tilt your chin up slightly and without closing your eyes keeping your eyelid relaxed.

7) Tricky part is gently placing the glued end cluster on the top of your natural lashes closes to the lashline. Do not apply to the skin. If you find that it is not the right placement, you have within a few seconds to re-position the cluster before it fuses with your natural lashes.

8) It may take a minute or two to set completely. Then, repeat from steps 2 and on. Remember, once you apply the glue on the cluster you don't have a lot of time to figure out placement.

9) CARE & CLEANING: Avoid rubbing your eyes with harsh towel. Allow your lashes to air dry. Avoid using oil-based makeup remover.

10) REMOVAL: Moisten two cotton swabs with a specially formulated lash remover or baby oil. Place one above lashes and one below. Gently massage the two swabs back and forth until lashes fall off.

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