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Love this New Surgical Mask Beauty Social Media Trend
Internet makeup moguls and influencers are obsessed with false lashes as a tool to make their eyes pop while for others false eyelashes is a must-have, every accessory. But no one has ever anticipated surgical mask becoming a everyday must-have accessory as well. Covid-19 is making mask wearing 'Normal' in western countries for the first time in history.
Twitter is cringing at a makeup tutorial circling the internet in the time of coronavirus panic: A video featuring an unknown makeup artist completing her full face of makeup while wearing a surgical mask sparked outrage from nearly all commenters, who claimed it was wasteful and unnecessary.
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The Best Way To Clean Your False Eyelashes At Home
If you wear false eyelashes often, you’d know how frustrating it gets when it packs on the lash glue. After a few uses, false eyelashes start to fall apart and at that point they usually don’t look good anymore but did you know you could revamp them all by yourself?

Yes, there’s such a thing as cleaning your falsies and if you’ve been wearing one without cleaning regularly then you need to stop right now! Apart from breeding bacteria and infections after a while, the falsies start to fall apart and that’s just tacky and we know you don’t like that.