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Ardell Double Up 4 Pack Wispies (41913)
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Ardell Double Up 4 Pack Wispies (41913) combine two exclusive Ardell styles into one new look, now in multipack! The bottom lash adds fullness and the top lash adds criss-crossed wispy flare for an incredibly astonishing lash look for twice the drama, twice the intensity, and twice the fun! Ardell’s most popular Wispy lashes now with extra length and volume; this lash is a classic in the making.

It is easy to add thick layer to your natural lashes for that smoky eye look.  Ardell Double Up Wispies Black false offer extra layers of falsies black lashes to create volume to your lash line for sultry eye look resemble of Hollywood and Broadway glamours such as Lea Michele, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Kim Kardasian, and Kylie Jenner. 

Style: Dramatic (Thick full Effect) - Glamour 

Especially great for eyeshapes: All Sizes (Trim as needed)

Ideal for occasions: Party, Wedding, Prom, Performance, Holidays, Evening out

Price: $19.95
Ardell Double Up Lash 208
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Ardell Double Up Lashes 208 have twice the amount lashes to bring out the bombshell beauty in everyone. Double layer style has a double fringe layer lash design to give you a fuller, fabulous look. Its like combining two pairs of standard lashes into one to form new pair of double layer lashes with amble, dramatic volume.

Style: Dramatic (Thick full Effect) - Glamour 

Especially great for eyeshapes: All Sizes (Trim as needed)

Ideal for occasions: Party, Wedding, Prom, Performance, Holidays, Evening out

Check out all our DOUBLE lashes from: Ardell Double Up Lashes, Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes, Katy Perry Double Oh My!, and Revlon Beyond Natural Double Wink Lashes

List Price: $6.29
Price: $0.00
Ardell Fashion Lashes #119
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Long, graduated strands of lashes, with medium volume. Great for making 'Cat Eyes'!  lash119

Style: Glamour - Dramatic

Especially great for eyeshapes: Large eyes, Almond - shaped eyes

Ideal for occasions: Performance, Holiday, Party, Evening out

Price: $0.00
Ardell Professional 4 Pack Mega Volume Lashes #253
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A true diva is always prepared—stay spotlight-ready with a multipack! These alluring Mega Volume strip lashes feature the iconic full-intensity look you love, with a rounded silhouette for an eye-brightening effect.

Ardell 3D Mega Volume Eyelashes #253 (also known as Maximum Lash Volume Lashes) offers Neverflat™ Multi-layered lashes with tapered tips that blend naturally with your lashes for an enhance 3D effect. These fluffy hand crafted falsies has tightly bundle lash to add depth and dimension to your eyes. They are layered with multi-dimensional feathery ends for full volume and maximum lash attention!

  • Tapered lash tips create a natural look
  • Multi-dimensional lashes
  • New volumizing full lash
  • Tapered Tips Curl Technology
  • Enhance 3D effect
  • 4 pairs of voluminous and bold strip lashes in a multipack

Ideal for occasions: Party, Special Occasion, Performance, Evening out

Price: $19.75
Ardell SPIKY Lashes #386
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Ardell SPIKY Lash 386  

Ardell's unique 'Spiky' lash collection which includes six lashes with an exaggerated spiked, sultry look. Each lash has alternating lengths with laser fine tips to create a stand-out lash look. Recreates the lash look, with everyday wearability, popularized by makeup artists for magazine spreads and runway. ** NEW **

Ardell Spiky #386 lashes have subtle, alternating clusters of lashes blended with criss-cross styling.

Style: Glamour - Night - Dramatic

Especially great for eyeshapes: Large eyes, Almond - shaped eyes, Round eyes

Ideal for occasions: Performance, Holiday, Party, Club, Evening out

List Price: $5.97
Price: $3.85
Elise Faux Eyelashes #191

Elise Faux Eyelashes #191 are Mini (Half, Baby) eyelashes with a criss-cross design. Each pack contains TWO pairs of lashes. 

  • Natural-feeling, synthetic lashes
  • Moderate to full length, Moderate to full volume

Style: Natural - Glamour 

Especially great for eyeshapes: Small eyes, Round eyes, Large eyes, Almond - shaped eyes, Deep-set eyes

Ideal for occasions: Daily use, Evening out, Wedding, Prom, Party, Club, Performance, Photography, Fashion Runway Show

Click on Image for more info

Price: $3.85
Everlash  2D Volume Lashes Mixed
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Everlash 2D Volume Silk Lashes Mixed 8-14mm (300 Lashes)

Price: $17.75
Everlash Adhesive Fast Drying Black 10ml
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Everlash Adhesive Fast Drying Black 10ml offers strong hold and fastest dry time of 3 to 5 seconds for for One-by-One extensions eyelashes. This fast dry semi-permanent lash extensions adhesive has low fumes and offers flexibible hold. Extensions can hold from 4-6 weeks to the end of the natural lash’s life cycle, up to 90 days, depending on client characteristics and homecare.

  • Up to 8 weeks hold
  • True black color with luster and sheen – eyeliner effect
  • Low fumes and optimal flexibility
  • Ideal viscosity – each perfect for its purpose
  • Set instantly – produce lasting bond
  • Medical grade – most sterile adhesives on the market
Price: $19.50
EVERLASH Adhesive Remover
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EVERLASH Adhesive Remover Solvent is used to remove your semi-permanent lashes and adhesive. This gentle solvent removes lashes and to clean up around the clients eyes after an application.
  • Solvent available in 6ml or 10ml.
  • A must for eyelash wearers
Price: $0.00
Everlash Angled Tweezers

Everlash Angled Tweezers are specially designed for applying individual lashes. 

  • Extra-long handle offers easy grip and plenty of leverage
  • Made of 100% stainless steel and is autoclave-safe
  • Ideal for tweezing eyebrows and applying false eyelashes
Price: $12.00
EVERLASH Eye Make-up Remover

Individual Flare, Naturals, or Single lashes will not adhere to natural lashes that have been cleaned with an oil based make-up remover. Everlash Make up Remover is completely oil free.

  • Oil-free makeup remover
  • Made in Germany
Price: $15.50
Everlash Flexibands Sunset
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Everlash Flexibands Sunset lashes is comparable to Ardell Fashion Lashes 117. Sunset lashes are full and beautifully hand made false lashes with added natural volume to accentuate the feminine sultry eye look.  Style available in Black and Brown Lashes.

Price: $7.50
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