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Ardell Lashes Products - False Eyelashes

Ardell Professional Strip Lashes InvisiBand LUCKIES 6 Pack Refills

Ardell Professional Strip Lashes InvisiBand LUCKIES 6 Pack Refills for Ardell Intro & Professional Salon Lash Kits. Contains 6 pairs of lashes. 

Style: Natural

Especially great for eyeshapes: Small eyes, Round eyes, Almond - shaped eyes

Ideal for occasions: Daily use, Prom, Wedding, Holiday, Party, Night out

Price: $0.00
Ardell Professional Strip Lashes Runway GISELE Strip Lash 6-Pack Refills
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Ardell Professional Strip Lashes 6 Pack - Runway Gisele Black (60071) also known as Ardell Professional Strip Lashes 6-Pack Refills GISELE includes 6 pairs of Ardell Gisele Lashes per pack.

Ardell Wild Lash Gisele (also known as Ardell Runway Gisele Lashes) are slightly shorter than the Claudia lash, but have tons more volume! Catch these lashes on fashion show runways worn by high fashion models to create and compliment dramatic and beautiful designer looks. 

Style: Glamour, Drama

Ideal for occasions: Party, Club, Performance, Costume

Price: $0.00
Ardell Wispies Cluster Lashes #600
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Ardell Clusters Wispies #600 lashes have an eye opening effect with its unique cluster bundled lash design. These precision engineered wispies cluster lashes are longer in the center and shorter on the corners to bring extra volume and confidence. They are knotted and feathered for perfect uniformity and work with both natural and dramatic make-up. This beautifully airy design lash features a lightweight invisiband for absolute comfort.

Ideal for occasions: Prom, Performance, Holiday, Party, Night out

Price: $0.00
Special Order InvisiBands

Are you looking for Ardell InvisiBands Misties or Smarties?

More Info: InvisiBands have been largely replaced by Fashion Lashes. You can usually find similar or comparable Fashion Lashes or Modlash styles to the InvisiBands lashes you are looking for. Here is a list of comparable styles:

InvisiBands Beauties - Fashion lashes #121
InvisiBands Dainties - Fashion lashes #104
InvisiBands Demi Fancies - Fashion lashes #116
InvisiBands Demi Pixies - Fashion lashes #102
InvisiBands Demi Wispies - Fashion lashes #120
InvisiBands Dreamies - Fashion lashes #125
InvisiBands Lacies - Fashion lashes #111
InvisiBands Misties - Fashion lashes #119
InvisiBands Pixies - Fashion lashes #102
InvisiBands Scanties - Fashion lashes #116
InvisiBands Smarties - Fashion lashes #123
InvisiBands Wispies - Fashion lashes #113
InvisiBands Unders - Fashion lashes #112

If you can not find a comparable style you like, we can special order the invisiBands style for you IF they are still available.

Price: $0.00

Are you looking for Ardell Fashion Lashes LashLites CLASSICS, NAUGHTY, and SMART?

We currently do not carry LashLites styles. However, we can order them for you when you order 20 pairs or more if the LashLites style is available


Price: $0.00

Choose as many styles of Ardell InvisiBands (Invisiband) lashes as you wish AND receive FREE Shipping (within the U.S. only, includes Hawaii and Alaska)

Ardell InvisiBand lashes has been rebranded to Ardell Fashion Lashes Wispies and Ardell Professional Natural Eyelashes.

Lowest Price guaranteed!

For volume (bulk) pricing, please contact us here

Price: $0.00
z.Ardell InvisiBands Misties

InvisiBands Misties have been DISCONTINUED. Product is no longer available. For a similar style, try Ardell Fashion Lashes #119.

Price: $0.00
z.Ardell InvisiBands Unders

InvisiBands Unders have been discontinued. We recommend Fashion Lashes #112 or Duralash Flare MINI as comparable styles.

These are lower (bottom) lashes.

Price: $0.00
z.Ardell LashLites SWEET

LashLites Sweet have been DISCONTINUED. Product is no longer available. For similar styles, try Ardell LashLites Lashes 332, Fashion lashes #121, #123, Ardell Invisibands Beauties and Delicate.


Price: $0.00
z_Ardell Brochure

Multi-paneled, double-sided brochure in full color. The information in the Ardell False Eyelash brochure helps answer questions related to application of false eyelashes. 

Price: $0.25
z_Ardell InvisiBands Dainties

Ardell InvisiBands Dainties have been DISCONTINUED. Product is no longer available. For a similar style, try Fashion Lashes #104.

Price: $0.00
z_Ardell InvisiBands Demi Fancies

Ardell Invisibands Demi Fancies have been discontinued. Product is no longer available. For a similar style, try Ardell Fashion Lashes #102.

Price: $0.00
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