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Ardell Natural Multipack Demi Wispies (61494) Reviews for the product - Ardell Natural Multipack Demi Wispies (61494) (Back to product)
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- 9/6/2016


Perfect lashes

- 8/23/2016

The quality for the price can't be beat. These are perfect if you want something just a tad bit dramatic but not over the top. I use these mainly for special occasions but I have thrown a pair on when I want that extra touch of bam!. I generally prefer Ardell lashes over many other brands because The texture of the lashes are a little softer. I Will buy again when these are used up.


- 8/21/2016

I have ordered so many packs already and I'm IN LOVE. They are nice and natural that I started wearing them everyday for school and work. I get so many compliments and to me it completes my makeup look. I don't even add any eye liner sometimes. I just add a little bit of eye shadow to my eye lashes and add mascara to my bottom lashes and I'm ready for my day. I am not even a pro at applying falsies but these are so easy. Definitely recommend and will keep repurchaseing over and over!

great lashes

- 8/1/2016

I'm experimenting with lashes trying to find out which ones I like more/better than others. I have little eyes and these lashes fit all the way across my eyes. They worked and looked pretty good. I guess I just thought since my eyes were smaller than most people that they wouldn't stretch across my whole eyelid . but they did. They also came in earlier than I expected , I liked that.
Anyways, I'll be wearing them again then order more!!
and I would recommend them ladies!


- 7/29/2016

I love the 4 pack!!!!

i love falsies

- 7/6/2016

I Love the lashes I order them every two weeks now... now
I never write reviews...but because I am so picky about everything all the way down to my lashes im leaving my honest opinion...These ardell demi whispies look very natural on me...I have long eye lashes as it is so I use these for fullness and additional length...They look so natural in general just apply them correctly...I usually put them super close to my lash line they blend perfectly! love them I just ordered more!! my friends still dont know ive been wearing falsies lol

not for me

- 7/1/2016

Doesnt look natural on my eyes.

Good lashes

- 6/3/2016

I have short straight blah lashes so I have gone through many types of false lashes trying different styles but I don't like the other false lashes that are too regular in lash pattern because it looks pretty fake. These lashes are a little too long for me but are still pretty and natural looking because of the wispy style these are great every day lashes and good value in this purchase.

beautiful lashes

- 5/4/2016

Very Satisfied . I thought it was a good deal so I bought these and I don't regret it one bit . I love the style, I love the fit, they're nice and natural. You may want a touch of eyeliner. I a beginner so I bought these to practice with. I'm still not doing a great job, but I'll keep trying.

Awesome lashes!! I rate these 5 stars

- 4/27/2016

Im obsessed with these lashes!! This site is never disappointing. I will continue to be a faithful customer I recommend thesse to all my friends all the time. These lashes are extremely natural looking and I am constantly getting compliments. I wear them when i do smokey eyes or even just with eyeliner i love this style

nice lashes

- 4/27/2016

These are very pretty everyday lashes. I typically like to wear lashes that are thicker and a little more dramatic. If you're looking for a more natural look then maybe you will like these.

Ardell lashes are the best

- 3/27/2016

Very natural looking and easy to apply eyelashes. I take good care of mine so they have each lasted me several wears so that also shows the great quality. To remove the glue used during the day I Hold the lashes down and I will gently peel away and reuse the lashes the next day. I also bought the Ardell dark glue and I'm all set! Cannot see the glue because it looks like eyeliner throughout the lash line. I bought the brand due to the high ratings and I am truly not disappointed.

best lashes !

- 2/10/2016

I bought these lashes because of all the positive reviews. I am not a false lash wearer or more like I wasn't, let me tell you these realyy made me change my mind ! HA! I love them I reuse them so they have lasted me a good while! I will be purchasing more and gifting some to my other non lash wearing friends so they can see how these will change their look like they did mine I love wearing them when i go out now. I also bought the Ardell lash glue and both combined work wonders . The shipping was extremely fast and I even got a gift! maybe because I purchased a lot but either way it was definitely a score!! keep the lashes coming!

one of my favorites

- 1/19/2016

These lashes are right up there as some of my favorites, always pleased with these. My friend who is a makeup artist told me about Ardell and suggested me to try these out and Loved them. The multipack is great because I get a few uses out of them so this pack last me momre then I I buy single pair packs.


- 1/8/2016

These lashes do not disappoint! I can honestly say im obsessed with these because I uses them all time. They are sure natural looking and have never disappointed me. Compliments are not unusual with these lashes :)

Natural look

- 1/4/2016

I would totally recommend these lashes, these are perfect for continuous wear and have a natural look to them.

Beautiful natural looking lashes

- 12/20/2015

These are the best Natural looking lashes out there, if I could give it more stars I would !

Love them

- 12/13/2015

Love theses lashes! Natural looking and I can get a few uses out of them.


- 12/5/2015

Lightweight, and super comfy to wear. This multi pack is is worth the buy.


- 12/3/2015

Durable and great quality lashes by Ardell. They are also reusable! definitely will continue buying them.

High quality lashes.

- 12/2/2015

They are absolutely amazing!!
Good , high quality eyelashes.
They're super natural, looks like your own lashes.
I have reused them several times without distorting them.
I keep mine in the storage to maintain the shape.
Its a good deal buying the pack.
Thinking on ordering another pack to have on hand ;)


- 11/30/2015

Pretty lashes no doubt.


- 11/21/2015

Love these !!!! Will keep buying thank you .....

4 stars

- 11/18/2015

Good indeed.

Work well

- 11/4/2015

I love how these blend in so nicely with my natural lashes. they are the perfect length and work well with all sorts of makeup.

5 star lashes

- 10/1/2015

For the price these Quality lashes are a steal. I wear these every day and are so easy to apply and lightweight.

Wispies are the best.

- 9/16/2015

These are my favorite because they look natural and I can wear them daily. I also get a good 4 to 5 uses out of them when I take good care of them. These are the best!

Natural looking

- 9/13/2015

Love , Love , love these lashes. Did I say I love these lashes haha? The length on these are just perfect and so natural looking.


- 8/2/2015

Just ordered more of these lashes :)

I use these all the time for clients

- 7/30/2015

I love using these lashes for my clients. I always tell them these look natural but all depends on the make up because these can be used to go out at night as well.

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