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z.Eyelash and Eyebrow (Ultimate Hold) Adhesive Reviews for the product - z.Eyelash and Eyebrow (Ultimate Hold) Adhesive (Back to product)
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comparing to latex glue unfortunately very weak hold

- 3/6/2014

I am everyday-user of strip lashes.
Until now I used 3 sorts of latex free glue. The hold of this particuler one is the best so far, but unfortunately, comparing to a latex glue, has very weak hold. If you want to keep your lashes whole day, you have to keep the glue in your pocket, because you have to glue it more times. And its not easy removebale from lashes.

Best Latex-Free Glue

- 12/10/2011

Let's start with the bad news. This glue has two weaknesses. First, the packaging. The glue crystallized on the very first use. Another plastic tube/soft brush, which is better than no brush, yet not as good as a hard applicator in my lash book. Hard glue on the first use has me agreeing with a previous reviewer who said something like, "we lose product with this one." Yes, we definitely do! We just don't know how much. As mentioned by another reviewer, there isn't a size (or an ingredient list) to be found.

The second weakness of this adhesive is the inability to easily remove it from lashes one plans to reuse. This seems to be indicative of all the latex-free adhesives I've tried.

On the plus side, the hold is absolutely excellent! Like concrete. Even inner corners stay put. The adhesive, which purports to be all natural, dries completely clear and feels airy and light. It dries faster than latex glue, yet not so fast you don't have time to finesse. Definitely the cream of the latex-free crop!

Ultimate hold

- 11/8/2011

I LOVE this stuff. By far the best. Tacky straight away and keeps lashes in place for ages!! Even days. Great how it is clear always and you only need a tiny bit.
Only downfall is the way it clumps a little but I don't really mind and I think the packaging means you lose product. Also I have no idea
How many mls it has! But still :) 9/10 stars I truly am in love with this glue.

Great stuff

- 8/1/2011

The original adhesive was great, my eyes are very sensitive and this was the only adhesive I did not have a bad reaction to. Since the formula has changed I have developed and allergic reaction to this product. Does anyone know of any product similar to the original?

best glue yet

- 1/30/2011

Cons: Glue clumps around the tip of the tube and the brush itself. Wish the packaging was different. Glue is harder to take off...oil-based makeup remover will do fine.

Pros: I have really REALLY watery eyes and this glue helps my lashes stay on all day. A little goes a long way. Dries quick and clear.


- 11/30/2010

definitely the best hold ever, the only bad side is that i feel it runs out quick and can sometimes harden but definitely the best eyelash glue out there and i wear lashes daily and have tried mannnnnnnnny brands!

Sensitive Eyes

- 9/23/2010

I use it for false eyelash strips. With the newer version, I'm having allergic reaction. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product!

The BEST ! Lashes stay for days !!!


This stuff is truly spectacular.
Not only is it super tacky immediately, it is truly WATERPROOF & lasts for days.
It is tacky enough to stick in place, but stays moist long enough to remove & replace for that perfect fit.
Product is packaged in a tube, with a small brush attached to the top (similar to liquid eyeliner)for incredibly fast & accurate application.
This truly has cut my morning lash ritual time in half.
It is strong & waterproof enough to sleep in and to wash your face without your lashes budging.
I wonder if they'll survive showering? hmmm .....

Great Staying Power!!


This glue has GREAT STAYING POWER! No need to wait for it to become tacky. I use it for lashes but also to put jewels around my eyes. This stuff is GREAT! The only reason I didn't give it a perfect score is because after only one use, it starts to clump up on the applicator brush =(, so I may be out $5. But the intitial use was A DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Glue comparasion


Okay, I used this adhesive the first time yesterday. I have been using DUO Surgical Adhesive for YEARS. I must say this adhesive is chalkier and dries a lot faster. This adhesive is not recommend for newbie false lash user since you do not have adequate time to place the band. Compare to DUO Surgical and other latex based adhesive, this is not as flexible. I suspect this adhesive is not latex based. Overall I like DUO Surgical adhesive better since the lashes does not feel stiff. This adhesive does lives up to the above reviews in terms of staying power. Overall 8 stars for this glue. I like this glue but DUO Surgical is still my favorite without a doubt.

HARSH but great product!


When I first started using this, it was the BEST eyelash adhesive I'd EVER used. It sticks right away. No need to wait for it to become dry and tacky. I used it every weekend for the past 4-5 months.

NOW, it's starting to be REALLY harsh on my eyelids!!! It's like using crazyglud on your lids. It has the crazyglue staying power, but the harshness of it too!!

My eyes are senstive at all. I always use eye makeup. Therefore, I would NOT recommend this product to anyone with sensitive eyes.

If your eyes AREN'T sensitive, I'd ONLY recommend using this once in a blue moon when really needed.

My eyes are so red, irritated and bruised from using this everyone week. So be cautious when using this product.

holds great !!!!!


its waterproof lasts thru crying, showering,sleeping,etc.. holds lashes in place and for days. once you put it on it doesnt come off easily but be careful not to get sloppy with it b/c it does clump after a few uses.

Skeptical, but I like it


I was using the Duo dark. I was skeptical but gave this a try. So far I really like it! Seems to hold better, dries clear, easy to apply. It does seem a little harder to get it off your lashes once you take them off!

pretty different


I really liked the original adhesive, it was great!
but i noticed its not only new packaging but a different formula in this stock, which is far weaker in its hold than the previous and barely waterproof.
does anyone still sell the original? or know one that is similar to the original?

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