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DUO Eyelash Adhesive (1/4 oz) Reviews for the product - DUO Eyelash Adhesive (1/4 oz) (Back to product)
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lash glue

- 5/15/2008

I first bought this adhesive from my local drugstore. It is used to glue fake eyelashes. The glue won't come off until you wash your face and literally pull them off. From my experience, duo requires minimal touch up compare to other adhesives. The

glue review

- 9/29/2010

DUO eyelash adhesive which is probably one of the most famous and best eyelash glue I tried. This glue applies white and dries clear, therefore you don't have to worry about having white splodges over your eyelid. The glue is strong, but not too strong to affect your eyes, and it keeps your eyelashes on all day!

Best glue out there

- 10/1/2011

I've tried just about every adhesive and this is the best I've found. It's non-irritating and stays on until you say when. I'm a dance performer and for the most part, my eyelashes stay on even with heavy sweat.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

- 12/9/2014

I hesitated before buying this tube of Duo eyelash adhesive but after trying it I love it. You only need the tiniest amount of adhesive to secure the lashes onto the eyelid and it?s waterproof. I got the dark tone and its great because any visible blobs will much less noticeable.

Duo is a keeper

- 5/12/2015

After reading many reviews on this product and video tutorials, I finally decided to give it a try and I will say that other brands don't compare to this! It goes on clear and blends in with your skin tone when it dries up. you only need a small amount to your lash strip and give it a few seconds to get a bit tacky and the lash applies perfectly. And this sticks ! Im's staying with duo for good .

Great adhesive

- 5/20/2015

Love that this glue comes in an easy to use package and has a nice small tip so you can use it for full strip or individual lashes. I have never had an issue with my lashes not sticking all day and its easy to remove with out causing damage to you natural lashes. Its definitely my favorite adhesive out there.

Only one I trust

- 12/17/2014

I trust Duo like no other! It has never failed me its almost like magic. My go to lash adhesive !!!


- 9/29/2015

So easy to use and cleans up so easily as well. Who doesn't know this brand .I even use it to glue little rhinestones to my face when I go to music festivals , concerts etc !

This adhesive is a classic

- 7/2/2015

This product holds very well. It's easy to remove with make up remover or wipes . It can hold lashes easily for 12 hours. You can use it daily and it's easy to apply if you follow the directions like you should.

Really happy

- 4/18/2015

Tried this for the first time since I don't really wear false eyelashes and some how knew it wouldn't dissapoint after reading reviews and it didn't :) I will be using this glue for times that I decide to wear false lashes.

Strong product

- 2/24/2015

I wore my lashes for 24 hour once after falling asleep with them and the glue held them in place very well

It's awsome

- 1/11/2015

I have very sensitive skin and this glue works best for some reason. Don't get any discomfort or itchyness and last a long time. Just don't forget to let it set for a little while before you apply your lashes


- 6/30/2015

I love this glue, it helps my lashes stay on all day. Very rarely do I have to put eyeliner on top to hide the glue on the lashband. Easy to use. I always put some on my lashline first, let it get a bit tacky and then put some on my lashes before applying...they stay on forever!

This glue never fails

- 1/6/2016

I have been using this adhesive for years now. Particularly the dark colored one and it never fails. Make sure to let dry for a bit until it becomes tacky before applying you lashes.


- 1/1/2016

I have been using falsies for over 10 years now and this glue was the first one I tried and I have not had to buy any other brand so that says a lot. I use eyeliner on the regular so the dark tone works best for me. This glue will continue to be my go to adhesive for years to come :)


- 12/24/2015

Duo a glue is one of those amazing products everyone should have in their make up bag!

Works great with many types of lashes

- 1/3/2016

This glue always works great with any brand of lashes that I use, even the really cheap ones. It holds my lashes for hours through out the day with no issues. You only really need to use a small amount.

Great for newbies and experienced lash users.

- 11/1/2015

If its your first time using lashes this glue is the best way to go, hold on all day. Even if you are a seasoned lash user this is a must have glue.

DUO Eyelash Adhesive Review

- 5/17/2016

DUO Eyelash Adhesive Review (http://bit.ly/1R7q9Ue):

I wore my favorite pair of false lashs to the concert. It was a hot day so when I came out I was drenched in sweat. Thanks for DUO, my falsies still held on perfectly!

I love using this glue with my false eyelashes. It holds on lashes far better than any other adhesive I've ever used. It is comfortable, strong, and the black tone adds an eyeliner effect which I love. There's a reason this stuff dominates the falsie market and it's because it's the best and it lasts all day and night.

How I apply my eyelashes: Before liner, shadow, mascara, anything. Just wait a few minutes for foundation and other face makeup to dry first. I usually use a bobby pin to help with edges and placing the lashes (I know that is the most difficult part for some people). After the falsies lashes are on, I then go on to finish the rest of the eye makeup. If you take proper care and get quality pair of lashes (I use KISS brand lashes), I have had them last up to 4 days. To make your false eyelashes last, try not rub your eyes and make sure to wash around them. Try not to put them under direct water in the shower either.

Ive had glues that were like tar and impossible to get them off, and once had half of my eyelashes ripped out. DUO comes out easily and I can just use my eye remover, or even olive oil, and it comes right off.

I like buying this at Madame Madeline because it's so much cheaper, even more with their coupon.

I will never use another eyelash glue.

my fav lash glue

- 8/12/2015

I have tried different glues brands etc, and none of them can beat this one. Still my fav and I have been using it for years. I use false lashes literally ever day one tube still last me a pretty long time.

only DUO for my eyelash glue

- 7/22/2016

This was the only glue my makeup artist ever used. So this is the only glue I use. I've never used other brands but I can tell you that it works really good. Just dont get it directly on your lashes because it will work too well and may pull some out.

love it!!

- 7/2/2016

This glue is AMAZING!! I love wearing fake eyelashes and just as a proof of how good this glue is I just have to say i had my fake lashes on for about 9 hours and they never once came off! So worth the money!

wonderful lash glue!!!!!

- 6/6/2016

Works wonderful. New to wearing false lashes and the glue that came with mine had me so frustrated. With Duo I was able to get the lashes on first try and they stayed on all day.

you wont go wrong with DUO lash adhesive

- 3/19/2016

I had never worn false eyelashes until my wedding day. I ordered this glue because of the fabulous reviews and the reviews were right on point! It's amazing, it goes on so easily and dries clear. Get this glue adhesive!!!

Duo lash adhesive is the BEST glue for false eyelashes!

- 11/1/2015

lovein it. It arrived on time . It was in fantastic condition. When I applied it with my fake eyelashes it only took a little bit of seconds for it to fully dry. After all the glue held up perfect all day. This is a good product for a good price. I definitely recommend this product!

five stars

- 10/4/2015

OMG Perfect!!! Very easy to use and works fantastic!!!!

Best Glue!

- 6/27/2016

Does the job wonderfully. The smell goes away once it's dry and overall it worked really well!

Duo is the only lash glue I ever use anymore. Here's why....

- 10/24/2011


Glue last longer!

- 5/15/2008

I first bought this adhesive from my local drugstore. It is used to glue fake eyelashes. The glue won't come off until you wash your face and literally pull them off. From my experience, duo requires minimal touch up compare to other adhesives.

The best.

- 7/24/2015

This glue keeps your lashes on, good for every day use.

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