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DUO Adhesive (1/2 oz) Reviews for the product - DUO Adhesive (1/2 oz) (Back to product)
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not my favorite glue

- 10/10/2015

didn't seem to hold so well for me

the glue worked great

- 11/5/2015

I got the clear eyelash adhesive i liked that my falsies stayed on good but i think next time im ordering it in black

Lasting Latex

- 12/10/2011

Have a tube of this stuff that's five years old and still going strong. It certainly lasts - and works well, despite being a little hard to apply delicately. Too much will get gloppy and won't dry clear. Less is definitely more!

Compared to non-latex formulas, I prefer the flexible, yet secure hold, the extra few seconds before it dries to finesse the placement of my lashess, as well as the loveliest thing latex offers - easy cleanup!

Compared to DUO waterproof formula, I haven't noticed a difference between the two when removing from either my real lashes or the strips. They're both very easy. I happen to prefer the extra "insurance" a waterproof formula provides, but this is an excellent alternative and an even better value for the money. Maybe they named it "DUO" 'cause you need both. :)

Really good .

- 9/26/2015

I recommend this to every False lash user out there. This glues is really good my only thing I had is that once in a while when I tear up from yawning it sort of came off on the corner. Other then that this glue is really good

Totally recommend this glue

- 9/26/2015

I love that it dries dark like it says. i usually apply a bit of liner above the lash line to fill in the corners but I don't have to draw over the lash line its self. That is a big bonus. I would recommend to anyone .

Solid lash glue

- 12/10/2015

Glue is very easy to take off at the end of the day and really easy to apply . This adhesive is great!

does the job

- 1/1/2016

Definitely one of the better glues available out there :)

A must have!!

- 11/4/2015

Dries quickly and its unnoticeable. The dark tone blends nicely with black lashes. it's a must have!

eyelash glue

- 5/15/2008

Duo adhesive is my all time favorite. I used to wear MAC eyelash adhesive, but the duo is the same and much cheaper.


- 5/15/2008

wonderful for applying false eye lashes as well as gem stones...by the way to the guest comment above m.a.c uses the duo brand :-p

price is great!

- 5/15/2008

Duo adhesive is my all time favorite. I used to wear MAC eyelash adhesive, but the duo is the same and much cheaper.


- 5/15/2008

Me too, I am a big fan
I didnt try the water proof formula, but this one is enough for me,I feel safe on my real lashes with it.

last forever

- 5/15/2008

My personal all time favorite too. It's really easy to apply, and gentle on your skin. MAC counters sell these too, though at a much higher price (or maybe it's because I live in London, who knows). In any case, it's pretty great, and lasts like forever.


- 5/15/2008

When I found DUO,it was a new era in my false lashes love.It is safe on my real lashes,holds perfectly,and removed perfectly.Thank you Madame Madeline.

I love this stuff !

- 5/15/2008

A little goes a looong way. i prefer this surgical formula to the regular waterproof one because this stuff stays on alllll day and alll night and i don't have to worry about my eyelashes lifting up at the corners lol. I will never be without a tube of this in my makeup kit !

Works !

- 9/26/2015

Don't use the glue that comes with your lashes, it will not hold as well as this. Best eyelash glue out there ! It works and seems to last for ever

Awsome Product

- 9/26/2015

Love this glue. Usually glues have a small opening but this one has a larger opening which helps alot to dispense the glue. Awsome product over all.

My favorite

- 9/26/2015

I'm very happy with this and it is incomparable to other glues I've tried with all sorts of problems. Have to get used to it the first couple times you use it. If you wait too long it's not tacky enough and right away it's too wet. But once you get the hang of it its perfect. The best glue I have tried.

Best Glue

- 12/2/2015

This is my go to lash glue I buy. I like the clear and the dark adhesive. People ask me if my lashes real. lol I say it is all about the glue and i mean this . It drys clear like magic. I call it a super miracle eye glue, without any irritation at all.

Love this glue

- 11/12/2015

I Always use this adhesive when I do a full face, blends well so you don't see glue! Easy to peel off and reapply when I have to. I got this item a lot faster than I expected. Used it the moment I opend it and it worked GREAT.

I always use this brand

- 11/22/2015

ever since I have been using false lashes, this is definitely one of my favorite adhesive brands. Great value and stays on all day.

5 starz

- 9/5/2015

Great glue, awsome price ! Holds on all day. what more can one ask for. Love this adhesive :)

Duo is the best

- 7/29/2015

This product gets an A+. Quick to dry and really sticks ! This was the first lash adhesive I tried and I havn't looked back since. I really don't like to go through beauty troubles and this glue makes life easy.

Keeps lashes on for hours

- 9/3/2015

I have been wearing falsies for around 5 years now and the only adhesive I use is Duo. Sometimes I need my lashes to stay on for 12 hours during the day and this glue gets the job done and never fails.

No other

- 10/7/2015

I have tried dozens of lash glues and this one is just the best !

Highly suggested glue

- 11/25/2015

I suggest to never ruin your falsies with cheap glue. This is the glue you need! Make sure you give it a few seconds to dry a bit before applying your lashes and when done your lashes will hold all day easily.

Awsome product

- 12/28/2015

Got this glue before my wedding and haven't looked back. Awsome product


- 11/15/2015

This glue holds my lashes tightly all day with no problems. Its the best. Easily removed with warm water and very durable.

best glue for the price

- 6/10/2016

best glue i have ever used

Really good glue

- 4/17/2016

This eyelash glue is pretty much my favorite eye lash glue that has worked wonders for me. The tube is pretty big and I love that it's not hard to peel off from the eyelashes. Just don't pull on them too hard they stick on good. The glue dries fast which is a plus. I'm definitely a fan of wearing false lashes!!! I wear them on a daily basis so I really needed good glue. best glue

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