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Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive Reviews for the product - Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive (Back to product)
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Lash glue works

- 9/22/2016

I bought this due to the applicator tip and so far I am loving it. My only "issue" would be that when you go to reuse your eyelashes the old glue doesn't come off as easily as like the DUO or others glues. I still enjoy using this glue .

easy to use glue

- 9/6/2016

Just brush it on the false lash and apply. so easy to use. Not much could be simpler than this product! No white, messy adhesive to cover. Dries promptly and is easy to use. This is my second tube of this product. It has a slight odor but nothing I can't handle. It's very sticky and still requires dry time. After you put the lashes on let them air dry a bit. Be careful not to touch your lashes until the glue dries. Love this glue I don't have to retouch and if i do its because i have extremely watery eyes.

Never buying another glue

- 8/29/2016

This is my favorite lash glue ever!! I recently started using falsies. I always had the habit to use too much glue and then they all dried white or ended up looking gross when it would dry.I tried this one and immediately loved the wand. The fact that it really does dry clear is the best. It also seems to hold much better than the other glues I have tried before.
I will honestly never buy another lash glue!!!


- 7/21/2016

I love this product. Tried it out for the first time and it works! It's clear so you can't see how much you've put on, but there definitely is NO LATEX in the product or my eyes would have swollen shut. I love the fact that this product is latex free and it doesn't have a strong odor.


- 7/3/2016

This eyelash glue is wonderful! It applied to my eyelashes so well and it did't sting my eyes when I put in on. I would totally recommend. It was a definitely not a waste of money.

Does its job!

- 6/14/2016

I've always loved this lash glue. Goes on clear, dries clear. i like that the tip is pointy that way its a more precise application. Does the job!

go to glue

- 5/22/2016

best glue i have ever used, and you don't have to wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before you apply your lashes on I don't have much time to be applying them just put the glue on the lash strip, and place your lashes and your good to go! will definitely be getting this again once im out or just restock.

Favorite lash glue

- 5/4/2016

This is a great product to use for like a one day use of lashes. It only lasts one day and washes off with water. Which I have no issue with since i like using one set a day. The other adhesives for lashes last longer but build up on the lashes so i prefer this one. I make sure to clean it off at the end of the day. I personally love this product.

Thank you for the brush!

- 4/3/2016

Stronger and longer-lasting than any other lash glue I've tried. I have not noticed any strong odor or anything like that like other eyelash glues so I really like that about this one. I hope they'll never discontinue this because that always seems to happen when I find something that finally works for me. I tried anther glue with a tubular tip applicator and threw it away after the first use because it was too messy for me . I'm not a pro...A brush works much better in my opinion. My Package arrived on time, as promised. I would recommend and will purchase again.


- 3/15/2016

I love the clear brush on adhesive. Easy to apply. You get it exactly where you want it and its clear when it dries.
I just love this eyelash glue. this is so much better than the regular small glue tubes you get in the store.

brush on the best

- 2/10/2016

It arrived on time and it does what its supposed to . The only thing I guess I dont like is when you apply it on the lashes and then put the lashes on you cant really tell where the glue is since it dries clear other than that its a good product i usually just put lashes using this glue then a tiny bit of eyeliner and i'm set for my day . good product and great timely shipping

NOT recommending this eyelash glue-Update

- 5/17/2013

Ok, so I purchased this online here at Madame Madeline, & used this. This is a 2nd review update on this lash glue. I did like this glue for a while, even tho the hold wasn't the best. However, in the days following my review I found that my eyes were "tearing" up. However, i do have dry eyes anyway. But I stopped using this Ardell glue & returned to Duo & have not had much "tearing" occuring unless I get mascara in the eye. :(. But I also have found some of my lashes have fallen out, but I have never experienced this w/Duo glue. I am usually not negative about a product. But I am going to have to throw out the ARDELL adhesive, & stick w/Duo at this time.

Good glue...Hold NOT all day

- 3/29/2013

I purchased this glue Ardek Brush on adhesive. I really do like it. I like that its for sensitive eyes. I have no problem using it. However, I DOUBLE up on the glue. I use a little Duo glue on my lash line, let it dry clear, then add a little of the Ardell glue on the false lash ends, place & adjust, Pizzaz..Its done AND it holds for over 10 hrs. Which is all I need, for more hold, one would have to reapply. Which I don't like. So I do have to agree w/other reviewers. This Ardell doesn't hold all day. However, I will repurchase it for b/c its for sensitive eyes & it does not irritate eyelids or eyes.

Not Impressed

- 1/11/2012

This glue went on easy and stuck almost instantly, however...... the glue is rigid when dry. That is a very unsettling feeling. If they could reformulate to give more flexibility, this glue would be okay.

Packaging Better Than Contents

- 12/10/2011

This glue gets two stars in my lash book: one because it really is ultra-clear and feels very light, another for the packaging - which still can't compare to my all-time favorite applicator from Sherani's now-discontinued adhesive, but, hey, it's better than nothing, which is exactly the hold I achieved with this glue. My lashes were on for five minutes! Light and airy is great, a lightweight in the hold department, not so much.

Wish it worked better

- 8/24/2011

It did hold but not that well. I found you would have to add more during the day. Also I found in just a few hours they were lifting. I was so hoping this would work.

Love it!!

- 6/17/2011

Way better then the lash grip adhesive. It does not feel as heavy on your eyes at all. I have been wearing eyelashes for the last 9 years daily and the lash grip adhesive often feels heavy by the end of the day and my vision almost seems blurry. LOVE IT!!! Also very easy to touch up. I have issues sometimes with the corners lifting if my day is extra long.

Wanted to love it...

- 6/6/2011

...but had a client or two whose lashes came off. Can't have that.

Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive Review

- 4/20/2011

I really love the pointy brush applicator! It makes application so much easier and is perfect for touchups if your lashes ever get loose. The fact that the glue comes in a bottle also means you don?t ever have to worry about the glue leaking or drying out.

As for the glue itself, it only comes in one shade, Clear. It dries really fast (literally seconds!) and works great with both strip lashes and individual lashes. It also lasts all day but peels off easily. Plus unlike my favorite Duo Eyelash Glue, it does not contain latex.

It really get the job done

- 10/19/2010

Pros: I wore it on a hot day, lasts at least 8 hours. Very comfortable, dried clear, and not thick at all! This glue dries a bit faster than regular strip eyelash adhesive. I find this helpful as I don't have the patience to sit around to wait for the adhesive to get tacky.

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