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Dear Valued Customers,

After 21 wonderful years, we regret to inform you that we're closing our false eyelashes website. We are immensely grateful and want to thank you for your loyalty throughout the years!

Please be advised that we will no longer be accepting orders. However, we encourage you to visit our trusted referral site at falseeyelashes.co.uk for a wide selection of high-quality false eyelashes, accompanied by exceptional service and ultra-fast delivery worldwide. Additionally, for more options, you can explore the false eyelashes selection on Amazon.com to meet your needs.

Thank you again for your patronage and support. We cherish the relationships we've built with each of you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous 2024 ahead :)

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Cheap Ardell Lashes

Andrea Lashes, Andrea Modlash
Elise false eyelashes
Everlash False Eyelash Extension Products

MIss Adoro False Eyelashes offers comparable styles to Red Cherry Lashes

Get your Rock on with ModelRock false lashes. Especially designed for celebrities and makeup artists worldwide.

Lash beLONG provideds your clients with eyelash extensions  services and needs.

False eyelashes in the headlines

Halloween False Eyelashes

Halloween is just around the corner. Fright Night has a complete collection of accessories to add that finishing touch to just about any Halloween costume. Find Streaks 'N Tips spray temporary hair dye spray and false eyelashes to please every Witch and Goblin.

Find fanciful lashes and temp hair dyes to compliment those false eyelashes.  Find fanciful lashes and temp hair dyes to compliment those false eyelashes.


Eylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame Madeline

Introducing EYLURE FALSE EYELASHES and KATY PERRY FALSE EYELASHES by Eylure. Eylure's 60 years of beauty heritage brings to you the very best beauty tricks of the trade.

Eylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame MadelineEylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame MadelineEylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame MadelineEylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame Madeline

From fabulous strip lashes in a multitude of styles from natural to double lash, to semi permanent lash extensions there is a lash solution for everyone.

The latest way to travel with lashes! Bullseye's 'just a girl...' collection of refillable compacts and 18 lash refill styles are inspired by the beauty and glamour of the most sensational Pop and Rock female icons of our time.

Eylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame Madeline

These high quality, hand-woven lashes are made with 100% sterile human hair. Simple and easy-to-use, each compact contains one pair of strip lashes, with a mirror tucked below the lash tray. Use the compact and tray to sanitarily store lashes after each use. Once the lashes are ready to toss, replace by popping in a new tray of lashes from the 'just a girl...' lash refill collection. * NEW *

Introducing RED CHERRY FALSE EYELASHES. Red Cherry Lashes are handmade with 100% human hair and made to exact specifications for a striking finish. At the office or out and about, our natural Red Cherry Lashes are great for every occasions.

Recent New product additions:

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Ardell Press On Lashes
Ardell Hollywood Glam Lashes

Ardell Adore Lashes
Ardell Black Tie Lash Collection
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Ardell Chocolate Lashes
Ardell Adore Lashes
Kiss EVER EZ Lashes
Kiss i-ENVY Premium Lashes
FRIGHT NIGHT false eyelashes

FRIGHT NIGHT temp hair dyes & tattoo
Ardell Color Impact Lashes
Eylure Hed Kandi Lashes
Katy Perry Color Pop Eyelashes

Bullseye 'just a girl...' Refillable Compact False Eyelash Collection
Eylure Naturalites and Party Lashes
Eylure KATY PERRY Lashes
Ardell Double Up Lashes

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes
Ardell Fabulous Lashes
Andrea Redi-Lash Lashes
Red Cherry Eyelashes
Ardell and Andrea Accents (Half)
REVLON Fantasy Length and Beyond Natural Lashes
DUO Professional Eyelashes + New DUO Adhesives

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Natural looking curved lashes with added length and volume
Ardell Fashion Lashes #105
10% OFF
Red Cherry (Natural) #107 are extremely long and moderately full black false eyelashes.
Ardell Natural #103 lashes
10% OFF
ardell natural lashes 103 full volume lashes with moderate length and volume
Ardell Natural #103 lashes
10% OFF
Premium Subtle looking short style that resembles your natural lashes.
Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ DEBBIE Lashes
10% OFF
Eylure Naturalites Intense Lashes #145 provide full length and full volume to your natural lashes, giving your eyes that "WOW" factor!
Eylure Naturalites Intense Lashes #145
10% OFF
Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes KA-CHING! by Eylure contains a layered strip lash in black with flashes of Peacock Green. A POP of Colour for your lashes
Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes KA-CHING!
10% OFF
Double Up Lashes 201 by Ardell have twice the amount lashes for a more dramatic look. Double layer style gives you a fuller, thicker look.
Ardell Double Up Lash 201
10% OFF
Top seller! Perfect for daily use. Natural style, with just the right amount of length and volume.
Andrea Modlash #21 Lashes
10% OFF
Gypsy Strip Lash 95 Black (Olivia Lash) enhances your natural lash line with great length and more than moderate volume.
Gypsy Strip Lash 95 Black
10% OFF
The perfect travel companion for every lash wearer, Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ refillable compact arrives complete with 1 pair of JOAN lashes and interior mirror.
Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ JOAN Lash Compact
10% OFF
Revlon Beyond Natural DEFINING (91148) lashes effortlessly enhance your look! Get gorgeous, natural-looking lashes in an easy-to-apply strip lash.
Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Lashes (91148)
10% OFF
Ardell Duralash Double Individual Lashes Medium are perfect for lash wearers who want to customizes their eyes with thicker lash volume
Ardell Duralash Double Individual Lashes Medium
10% OFF

A Review on False Eyelash Brands

Who doesn't want to have tantalizing eyes? Your eyes can look more attractive if you have long and thick eyelashes. If you were not blessed with natural long and thick lashes, don't worry because there is a simple solution to this dilemma wearing the best false eyelash brands

Today, there are hundreds of false eyelash brands that claim to offer the best. These products are great for enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence. They are easy and safe to use. They are also versatile, so you can weaar them on different occasions. You can even choose from many different styles to match your outfit.

False eyelashes can usually be cleaned and worn again. You can store them in their boxes when not in use. If you are new to wearing false eyelashes, then this review can help you. Here, you will read about the most popular false eyelash brands available today.

Ardell Lashes

Ardell is one of the world'es most popular top false eyelash brand. It is known for producing high quality false eyelashes that look and feel natural.

Ardell Fashion Lashes

These eyelashes are also known as Glamour Lashes and Natural Lashes. They are made from 100% sterilized human hair. They are reusable and easy to use. They are available in thirty-five different styles and black and brown colors.

Ardell Natural Eyelashes

These eyelashes are like accessories to the eyes. You can choose from daytime to nighttime styles. It is really easy to transition from a day look to a night look. This brand can instantly give you full, long and luscious eyelashes.

Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes

This brand is your closest option to natural eyelashes. They are waterproof, weightless, easy to apply, and knot free. One package contains fifty-six individual eyelashes that do not have any dark bands or clumsy knots. These are ideal for filling in spots on your lash line. If you want to achieve more volume, then you can also try the Double Individual Lashes.

Ardell Duralash Flare Individual Lashes

These eyelashes are waterproof, weightless, easy to apply and knotted. They are handcrafted and ideal for filling in spots on your lash line. One package also contains fifty-six individual lash clusters.

Ardell Duralash Regular Individual Lashes

One package contains eighty-eight individual lashes that feature a single strip of slightly flared eyelash. These eyelashes are waterproof, weightless and permanently curled. They comfortably fasten to natural human eyelashes.

Ardell Self-Adhesive Lashes

These eyelashes are perfect if you often forget to take the glue with you. They are comfortable, lightweight and easy to apply. You can also wear them conveniently without any glue required. This product even comes with an extra self-adhesive strip.

Andrea Lashes

Andrea is among the false eyelash brand that instantly make you look glamorous with the help of their product lines.

Andrea ModLash Strip Lash #21

These eyelashes are among the brand's best sellers. They are ideal for everyday use as well as for proms, weddings, parties, etc. They look natural, with just the right volume and length. They are versatile that you can use them on all eye shapes and sizes. So, whether your eyes are small, big, round, or almond-shaped, this brand will look flattering on you.

Andrea ModLash Strip Lash #12

These eyelashes are available in black and brown colors. They are individually patterned. They are also especially designed to give your eyes a striking appeal. You can use them every day or during special occasions. They are also ideal for all eye shapes and sizes.

Andrea ModLash Strip Lash #13

These eyelashes are long, full and spiky. They are ideal for nighttime parties and other formal occasions. You can also use them for show performances. They are ideal on big and round eyes.

Andrea ModLash Strip Lash #23

These eyelashes are long, curved and beautiful. They give your natural eyelashes more volume and length. These are dramatic and available in the color black. They are great for big and round eyes. If you are attending an evening party, going clubbing, or performing on stage, then it is highly recommended to wear these false lashes.

Red Cherry Lashes

According to customers, Red Cherry is one of the best false eyelash brand that they have tried. These eyelashes are available in different styles and materials, making them ideal for various occasions.

Red Cherry Natural Lashes

These are especially designed to help you achieve cool effects and accentuate your eye shape naturally. They are made with 100% human hair. They also come in different glam and natural styles to make your eyes more attractive instantly. You can choose from short to long eyelashes.

Red Cherry Shimmer and Feather Lashes

These eyelashes are especially designed to produce gorgeous eyelash effects. They are long and black in color. They have a shimmer detail at the base band, allowing them to accentuate your eyes. These eyelashes are available in Good Times, Dark Night, 80's Flash, and Mint Treat variants. They can make your eyes look great even from afar.

Red Cherry Spider Lashes

These are the ultimate high drama and gothic eyelashes. They are high in quality and feature thin web-like connectors that line the eyelashes in two layers. You can wear them with dramatic outfits or costumes.

Red Cherry Glitter and Rhinestone Lashes

These can give your eyes a bit of a dramatic effect, thanks to their glitters and rhinestones. You can wear these eyelashes at parties or whenever you feel like having a unique look. This brand is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

Kiss Lashes

Kiss is another one of those false eyelash brands that you do not want to miss. Its eyelashes are made with the best quality natural hair.

Ever-EZ Kiss Premium Lashes 03

This brand is natural, reusable and lightweight. They are sturdy and can last for a long time. They are made with premium quality hair and can be safely applied even when you are wearing contact lenses. The package also includes an Ever EZ Applicator to help you apply the eyelashes easily on your lash line.

Ever-EZ Kiss Premium Lashes 11

If you have seen the Ardell Demi Wispies, you will surely love these false eyelashes by Kiss. The two eyelashes are similar in style. These Kiss lashes, however, are natural and lightweight. They are made with premium quality human hair and you can use them repeatedly, provided you clean them up and store them properly.

Kiss Ever-EZ Lash Double Pack 01

These eyelashes are made with premium quality human hair. They are lightweight, reusable and natural. One package contains two pairs of false eyelashes and an Ever EZ Applicator to help you apply the lashes more easily on your lash line. Don't worry if you are wearing contact lenses because these will not irritate your eyes.

Eylure Lashes

When it comes to the top false eyelash brands, you should include Eylure in your list of options. These UK hand made eyelashes offer real value for your money. The eyelash packages contain several pairs of false eyelashes and a Lashfix glue.

Eylure Individual Lashes Combo Value Pack

If you are in search of the most affordable eyelashes, this Value Pack from Eylure is highly recommended. One Value Pack has three times more eyelashes than the standard package. It has three trays, with each one having seventeen flares that are short, medium and long. With all these options, you can create a glamorous, subtle or dramatic look depending on your mood or the occasion.

Eylure Lengthening Multi Pack Eyelashes #035

One package contains three packs of strip lashes that can enhance the appearance of your eyes. You can wear this brand to create a subtle look and lengthen and add volume to your natural lashes. They are perfect for all eye shapes and sizes, as well as all kinds of occasions.

Eylure Lengthening Multi Pack Eyelashes #114

These eyelashes can effectively enhance the eyes' natural beauty. They are medium weight and have a flawless and angled finish. They are perfect for big and round eyes, as well as almond-shaped and deep-set eyes. You can use these eyelashes when you go to parties, go dancing, or attend a wedding.

The above mentioned false eyelash brands bare truly remarkable. They are high quality, durable, attractive and easy to use. If you want to try more false eyelashes, then you can check out Modelrock, Miss Adoro,Bullseye and Gypsy.

Modelrock Lashes Kit Ready #1

These eyelashes are handmade with 100% human hair. This makes them way better than eyelashes that look so fake. If you want to make your natural eyelashes appear longer and fuller, then try this brand. These work perfectly for daily use.

Miss Adoro False Eyelashes #1

These eyelashes are long, black and striking. They can make your natural lashes feel and look much longer and fuller. These are elegant, long, slender and individually prepared, making your look go from ordinary to glamorous in just a few seconds.

Gypsy Strip Lashes

These eyelashes are made with real hair, making them feel soft against your own. They also have a subtle appearance, so you can look feminine and elegant. You can wear them everyday or on special occasions.

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