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Announcement effective March 31, 2024
Dear Valued Customers,

After 21 wonderful years, we regret to inform you that we're closing our false eyelashes website. We are immensely grateful and want to thank you for your loyalty throughout the years!

Please be advised that we will no longer be accepting orders. However, we encourage you to visit our trusted referral site at falseeyelashes.co.uk for a wide selection of high-quality false eyelashes, accompanied by exceptional service and ultra-fast delivery worldwide. Additionally, for more options, you can explore the false eyelashes selection on Amazon.com to meet your needs.

Thank you again for your patronage and support. We cherish the relationships we've built with each of you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous 2024 ahead :)

Warm regards,
Madame Madadeline

Ardell Fashion Lashes
Ardell Fashion lashes (also known as Ardell Natural Lashes & Ardell Glamour Lashes) are made from sterilized, 100% human hair. These pro-qualitym sturdy strip lashes are reusable and easy-to-apply. Each package comes in a reusable box. Fashion Lashes come in 38 different styles (in beautiful black color lashes for all occasions and hard to find brown natural looking lashes as well for light brown and blondes). Fashion Lashes are sure to have the style that suits you. Click HERE and HERE to view galleries. Update: Change to Ardell Fashion Lashes packaging. New Packaging Ardell Fashion Lashes now says Ardell Glamour Lashes or Ardell Natural Lashes on the cardboard insert.

Ardell Natural Eyelashes
Accessorize your eyes! Instantly get beautiful lush lashes with easy to use Ardell Professional Natural Lashes. Available in a variety of styles from natural day styles to night looks like , you can change your look in a snap. Ardell Natural Lashes--also known as Ardell Fashion Lashes & Ardell InvisiBands Lashes-- (in updated professional packaging) are the fastest way to have long, luscious eyelashes. Try out Ardell Natural Demure. #108, 109, #110 false lashes for everyday glam or Ardell Natural Demi Wispies and Hotties for more eye popping head turn effect. Includes a reusable box for storage when not being worn.

Ardell Natural Multipack
Never run out of your favorite lash again with Ardell Professional Multipack (Ardell Value 4 Pack, Ardell Twin Pack Lashes,  Ardell Professional Natural 5 Pack and Ardell Individual Eye Lashes 6 Pack. Ardell's best selling lashes are now available in a convenient value pack. Never run out of your favorite lash again, they will always be available when you have this four lash value pack around. With proper care and cleaning these lashes can be used multiple times. ** NEW **

Ardell Professional 3D Mega Volume Lashes
Ardell Professional 3D Mega Volume Lashes (Maximum Lash Volume Eyelashes) has Neverflat™ Curl Technology with multi-layered dimensional lashes with tapered tips that blend naturally with your lashes for an enhance 3D big lash effect. Get the inspired look using these new volumizing multi-dimensional full lashes offer maximum lash attraction. ** NEW **

Ardell Duralash Mega Flare Knot Free Individual Lashes
Ardell Duralash Mega Flare Knot Free Individual Lashes.  Ardell's Mega Volume Individual Lash collection are high-quality thicker individual lashes use to easily accent every eye shape and color and design. Use more for a full look, less for just some accents or to simply fill in gaps. Each lash cluster is designed perfectly shaped and arranged to give striking effects perfect for daily wear, night out or any special occasion. These salon quality individual lashes are easy to apply and lasts for weeks! ** NEW **

Ardell Duralash NATURALS Individual Lashes
Ardell DuraLash Naturals individual eyelashes are the closest thing to natural lashes. They are KNOT FREE, weightless, waterproof, and easy to apply. Each package contains 56 easy to apply individual lashes with no clumsy knots or dark bands. Ardell individual lashes are perfect for filling in sparse areas of your lashline. Also try the NEW Double Individual Lashes lashes for double the volume.

Ardell Duralash FLARE Individual Lashes
Ardell Duralash FLARE individual eyelashes (also known as Ardell Individuals Flare Lashes) are designed for easy application to create lush, natural-looking lashes. They are KNOTTED, weightless, waterproof, and absolutely easy to apply. Each package contains 56 easy to apply individual lash clusters perfect for filling in sparse areas along your lashline. These hand crafted individual lashes are available in regular Knotted Flare and new Double Knotted Flare!  Also try our NEW Ardell Duralash Knotted Double Flares Individual Lashes for double the volume per eyelash cluster for instant lush look!

Ardell Double Up Trio Individuals
Ardell Double Up Trio Individuals has 2 Trio individual on one band. Double trios have 20 strands per individual cluster compared to 10 strands per cluster in a regular trio. Three double individuals combined onto one lash band for quicker application.  Available in short, medium and long trio lash customers, these easy to apply trio individuals are faster and easier method of applying individual lashes for any custom lash looks!

Ardell Individual Trios Lashes
Ardell Individual Trios Lashes offers three times the speed! Triple fast and easier than regular individual lashes. Individual Trios is an all-in-one pack for lash customization! Get ready in 1, 2, TRIOS!  These lashes are available in short, medium and long to add instant density for versatile lash customization! ** NEW **

Ardell 3D Individual Lashes
Want fluffy lushness, Go 3D! A fan favorite lash with 3D layers to bring your eyes depth and dimension. You'll love Ardell 3D Individuals, if you are looking for a more dramatic version of normal knot-free individual lashes. Ardell 3D individuals have tapered tips for completely natural look yet offering depth and dimension that create a full and seamless look. Each cluster contains 20 stands of hairs with crisscross layering for complete lash look to be full and glamorous in half the time.

Ardell Duralash Regular Individual Lashes
Ardell Duralash REGULAR individual eyelashes are designed for easy application. Each package contains 88 easy to apply individual lashes. These lashes have a SINGLE STRIP of lash that is slightly flared. Designed to place over your natural lashes for easy home eyelash extensions. They are permanently curled, weightless, waterproof, and fasten to your own lashes comfortablely.

Ardell Beauty
From the #1 lash brand loved by celebrities, Ardell Beauty offers makeup artists and beauties around the world with exclusive line of beauty products inspired by backstage beauty.  Professional beauty and makeup combine innovative technology advances with exclusive ingredients for heads turn effect you'll love! Worn and loved by celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty lovers around the world.

Ardell Faux Mink Lashes
The world's best selling false lash brand has come out with its version of premier faux mink lashes! Ardell Faux Mink Lashes Collection is available in many exclusive, authentic mink lash designs- Ardell Mink #810, #811, #812  #813, #814 and #817. And now brand new lush high impact 3D mink lash styles including styles Ardell 3D Faux Mink 852,  Ardell 3D Faux Mink 853, Ardell 3D Faux Mink 854 and Ardell 3D Faux Mink 857, you'll love. These high quality material faux mink lashes are luxoriously lightweight, soft, and with invisiband for seamless blending with you natural lashes.  Update: Make sure to try out new Ardell's new 3D mink styles under  Ardell 3D Faux Mink 858, Ardell 3D Faux Mink 859, Ardell 3D Faux Mink 860 and Ardell 3D Faux Mink 861. ** NEW **

Ardell TexturEyes Lashes
Ardell TexturEyes is Perfectly Imperfect! Discover 6 all-new lash styles that are playfully tousled and super wearable for a fresh, modern take on beauty. It’s no longer a one-style-fits-all. Each style offers the most distinct lash fibers to create fullness and volume for the first ever uniquely textured lashes. Available in styles to subtly flared with staggered curls for a fluffy effect to dramatic and flirty flare fpr a little sexier look.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes
Ardell Magnetic Lashes hits the beauty world hard. It looks like our favorite purveyor of classic false eyelashes, Ardell, is now launching their magnetic lashes collection. The Ardell brands are always looking for innovative new ways to amp up their beloved products. The fresh new product that caught our eye (literally) were magnetic lashes.  The collection features five styles including the brand’s original, iconic feathered Wispies style as well as the Demi Wispies style. It looks like it’s time for us all to upgrade our lash game..  ** NEW ** 

Ardell Extension FX Lashes
If you're looking for an eye-opening effect then stop the search - because you've found the ideal lashes. Ardell Lashes Extension FX Lashes offers just the right amount of length and volume. Available from delicate to eye-boasting widening effect styles. These  high quality, new falsies by Ardell are completely cruelty free, lightweight, reusable and easy to apply. They are the perfect for day to day wear, evening wear and date nights.

Ardell Studio Effects Lashes
Ardell Professional Studio Effects Lashes (Pro-Designed Layered Lashes) has taken synergy of makeup artist favorites and lash aficionado's tricks by custom layering, stacking, and done the work for you -- the wearer. These popular styles are reworked to provide the ultimate professional look for eye opening studio effect you long for! Find 4 flared Individuals stacked on center of Wispies, 4 flared Individuals stacked for outer flare effect for Demi Wispies, custom stacking for Ardell #110 lashes and double stacking for added drama for the ultimate glamours #105.  ** NEW ** 

Ardell Double Up Lashes
Double up lashes are the best thing to hit eyes since mascara; these lashes will help achieve the intense dark lashes we crave. The new Double Up Lash innovation combines TWO STYLES IN ONE. The bottom lash adds fullness and the top lash will add flare for an incredibly astonishing lash look for twice the drama, twice the intensity, and twice the fun. ** NEW **.

Ardell Deluxe Lash Pack
Ardell Deluxe Pack kit contains 2 pairs of lashes, 1 DUO adhesive and lash applicator to ensure ease in applying false lashes. This deluxe pack offers convenience of saving and value in one convenient value pack. Perfect for beginner or lashaficionado on the go!  ** NEW **

Ardell Wispies Lash Collection
Ardell Wispies Lash Collection style lashes are highly textured with criss-crossed pattern to look voluminous throughout. These wispy styles come in many shapes and sizes, from medium length Demi Wispies, to the longer more voluminous Wispies, to ultra glam Ardell Double Up Wispies, to specially designed attention grabbing Ardell Wispies Clusters. Ardell Wispies Collection has a style to accentuate your eyes for noticeable blinks.

Ardell Remy Lashes
Ardell introduces new line of whisper-soft, ultra dark lashes made of the finest luxurious quality premium Remy human hair!  Each Remy Lash style deliveres a professional, multidimensional, wide-eyed finish for a voluminous luxurious look. Ardell Remy Lashes are rich, ultra black, lush and full for a radiate look from afar!

Ardell Eyelash Extension Kits have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to enhancing the length and thickness of your eyelashes. The kits contain all the items required for professionals, lash technicians, or consumer to get started.

Ardell InvisiBands & LashLites Eyelashes
Ardell Invisibands have an invisible, lightweight band that connects the hair strands to form a strip. Ardell Fashion LashLites are absolutely unique and natural to give you that natural look. Invisibands & LashLites are knotted by hand for perfect uniformity and an absolute natural look. The result is secure corners and unmatched comfort.

Ardell Elegant Eyes Lashes
Ardell Elegant Eyes jeweled eyelashes is Ardell's NEW line of lashes. Elegant Eyes faux lashes are just what you need to create glamorous looking lashes with a hint of glitter. Fun, natural looking styles with the added sparkle of elegance. All are guaranteed to attract attention.

Ardell Runway Lashes
Ardell Runway Lashes are a High-end cosmetic grade lashes designed for make-up artists. Professionals can use to create beautiful, glamourous runway looks. Ardell Runway lashes have been making a splash among professionals for years, and now they're available for everyone! Used by make-up artists on celebrities and fashion models alike, the Runway Collection is full of alluring, bold, styles perfect for the confident consumer in pursuit of runway worthy lashes.

Ardell Pre-Cut Lashes

Ardell Pre-Cut Lashes offer easier lash application and faster customization for lash looks with Ardell’s #1 lash styles Wispies and Demi Wispies. Each Ardell Pre-Cut Wispies, Demi Wispies, 900 and 901 lashes come with 4 pre-cut section which allows you to create your own unique look! Shorter lash segments reduces lifting on the ends of the lash band.

Ardell Fabulous Lashes
Glamour, sophistication, and style! From the makers of Ardell Elegant Eyes Lashes comes Ardell Fabulous Lashes! This new line of lashes is for a more sophisticated palate. No flashy, overly glittered numbers here. The Fabulou Lash collection has six styles with just a hint of sparkle, they are ideal for those looking for something special without being over-the-top. For special occassions or everyday where, these lashes will take you on a trip across the globe and bring out the fashionista in all of us. ** NEW **

Ardell Self-Adhesive Lashes
No messy glue required! Ardell introduces six of our best selling lashes in the all-new Self-Adhesive design. Light-weight, comfortable, and easy (only two steps) to apply Ardell's Self-Adhesive lashes combine fashion with function for a quick and convenient way to have the long, luscious lashes we all wish we were forn with. These falsies also include an extra self-adhesive strip, and with proper care and cleaning, they can be used multiple times with daily use. ** NEW **

Ardell Color Impact Lashes
Based on color theory, Ardell Color Impact lashes are designed in specific shades to complement eye color. Color Impact lashes feature a sophisticated palette of colored lashes blended with black lashes for a natural look with maximum impact. Available in Wine, Plum, and Blue in top Ardell styles. ** NEW **

Ardell LashLites Lash Collection
LashLites are the newest in lash craze! Six selections of light and unnoticeable lashes they?re perfect for a slight enhancement. Lashes so subtle they?re the ideal addition to everyday makeup; LashLites fill gaps, add volume and length to natural lashes with a light comfortable feeling. With your personal choice of adding just a strip or opting for more oomph with tons of mascara lash wearers are sure to celebrate these one of a kind lashes. ** NEW **

Ardell Professional Special Occasion Collection
May and June are wedding and prom season, and we've got the lashes for you. Turn ordinary eyes into gorgeous eyes for that special day. Our Special Occasion lash collection is essential for bridal parties and prom season - fluttering lashes to feel feminine and flirty. Look and feel beautiful on your special day with selection range from romantic to seductive. ** NEW **

Eyelash/Lash Adhesives Glue
We carry a large assortment of premium, safe and superior lash adhesive selections and gentle adhesive remover for your false eyelashes. Some of our favs are DUO Surgical Adhesive, DUO Eyelash Adhesive, DUO Strip Lash Adhesivem Ardell LashGrip Adhesive, and Ardell LashTite Adhesive;  Andrea Modlash Brush-On Adhesive; Ardell LashFree Adhesive Remover and more.

Ardell LASH & BROW Accessories
We carry a full line of easy-to-use Ardell False Eyelashes & Brow accessories to help you achieve the results you're looking for: Ardell Lash Comb, Ardell Lash Curler, Ardell Precision Tweezer, Ardell Lash Applicator, and Individual, Strip Lash Stater kits, Brow Stencils, Brow Trim & Shape, and Brow Powders.

Ardell Accents Lashes
Ardell Accents is a collection of HALF (DOLL) LASHES. Half lashes can add and enhanced density along outer edge of your lashline and will change the way you look at faux lashes forever. Accents lashes enhance your look, not by creating new one.

Ardell Naked Lashes
Dare you to go bare! Beautiful, soft and lightweight lashes that blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. The new Ardell Naked Lash Collection features styles that feel like wearing nothing and will effortlessly enhance your own natural lashes with subtle volume and length and add the perfect touch of barely-there flutter.

Meet the yours-but-better styles you'll reach for every day - so comfortable and light you'll feel like you're in the nude. Light, airy gorgeous lashes that look like you're not wearing anything but confidence! Go Naked with Ardell Naked Lashes!  ** NEW **

Madame Madeline specialize in meeting our salon's needs by offering LASH Displays to catch your clients' eyes. Also find easy to use professional lash extension products.

Ardell Professional Edgy Lashes
Ardell?s new Edgy Lash is a unique combination of a natural strip lash with accented edge. Each style is designed with a tapered inside with an accentuated Edgy flare on the outside to create that glam, cat-eye & rock star look!! ** NEW **

Ardell Curvy Lashes Collection
Ardell's new Curvy Lash Collection features six lash styles with a unique curve shape that is shorter near the inner eye and flared towards the outer edge. These lashes open up and illuminate your eyes, providing fullness and a slight cat-eye effect. Because of the shorter inner eye length, lashes are comfortable to wear. ** NEW **

Ardell Wild Lashes
Take a walk on the wild side with Wild Lashes. This new collection of "wild" will create a new dimenson to eyes by offering several crazy styles of eyelashes, including rhinestone, glitter, and colorful styles. Generate new excitement for those looking for a way to express individuality or just stand out in the crowd. ** NEW **

Ardell Flawless Tapered Luxe Lashes
Ardell introduces new line of whisper-soft, ultra dark lashes made of the finest luxurious quality premium Remy human hair!  Each lash style features tapered tip ends that naturally blends with your own lashes for a voluminous luxurious look. Ardell Flawless Tapered Luxe Lashes are Rich, ultra black, lush and full for a radiate look from afar!

Ardell Spiky Lashes Collection
Ardell's unique 'Spiky' lash collection which includes six lashes with an exaggerated spiked, sultry look. Each lash has alternating lengths with laser fine tips to create a stand-out lash look. Recreates the lash look, with everyday wearability, popularized by makeup artists for magazine spreads and runway. ** NEW **

Ardell Corset Lash Collection
Ardell Corset Lash Collection features unique crisscross lash styles similar to corset lacing. These lashes provide fullness, length, and width to women's natural lashes. Lashes can be worn without being flashy or ostentatious. Jean Paul Gaultier couture prominently featured corsets on the runway in 2013. ** NEW **

Ardell Chocolate Collection
Ardell's new Chocolate Lash Collection features three dark brown strip lashes mixed with black to create a natural, subtle effect. By mixing in black and using a bolder, darker brown, the lash makes more of an impact. Ardell Chocolate lashes are perfect for wearers who want a natural, but full, lash look. Delicious eyes are only a strip away. ** NEW **

Ardell Adore Lashes
Ardell Adore Fashion Lashes (also known as Ardell Adore Lashes) combines fashion and fun with nine new, fresh, comfortable, and easy to apply styles. Long lush lashes are the newest trend, perfect for day or night this fabulous collection of lashes will make eyes pop and lashes miles long, just like all the young Hollywood starlets we adore. Available in 9 new styles. ** NEW **
Please Note, this collection is available for non-U.S. customers only.

Ardell Black Tie Lash Collection
Add a little black magic elegance with six lashes embellished and enhanced with black jewels & stones. Ardell Black Tie Lashes add subtle elegance without looking gaudy. Viewed from afar, women will appear to have beautiful long, thick lashes. Up close, the surprise will be in the black diamonds, gunmetal shimmer and dark sparkle illuminating the eyes of the wearer. ** NEW **

Ardell Ombr? Lash Collection
Ardell's new Ombre lash collection is inspired by the trend made popular by hair, nails, and high fashion. Ombre lashes have a subtle gradation of color that starts with black at the base of the lash and gradually fades in to a pop of color at the tips. This limited edition lash collection is available in six different styles of Ombr? lashes. ** NEW **

Ardell Soft Touch Lashes Collection
Ardell’s new Soft Touch lashes introduce an innovative technology with the most ultra-soft lash fibers. Each fiber is uniquely designed with a denser base which gradually becomes finer at the tip. The tapered end of each lash mimics the appearance of natural eyelashes resulting in a perfectly seamless lash look.  Collection available in both strip eyelashes and individual lashes. ** NEW **

Ardell Press On Lash Collection
Ardell’s NEW patented flexible lash applicator is a great lash option for first time users or professionals who would like a quick and convenient application. Features include a beautiful lash, pre-loaded onto the NEW patented applicator that will curve to the users lash line. Featuring Ardell’s top selling lash styles: Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes in #101, #105, and Wispies. And Ardell Lashes with free adhesive in  #109, #110 and #120. ** NEW **

Ardell Professional Brow Extension
Ardell makes a bold statement with the launch of the ultimate professional brow program, addressing all brow concerns in one single kit. Professional brow artists can customized mixture is applied using feather-like strokes to fill in gaps or create a bold brow, then brow extensions are applied to sparse areas to create a natural look.

Ardell Hollywood Glam Lash Collection
Flaunt your inner Bombshell with these new scene stealing lash styles. Hollywood Glam Lash Collection features 16 piece display introducing three brand name dramatic Ardell Double Up lash styles and one top and bottom lash. These lashes will make a sexy, eye-opening impact and are very wearable for every bombshell out there! #ArdellHollywoodGlam ** NEW **

Ardell Trio (3-in-1) Lash Collection
Do you want to experiment with false lashes? These Ardell Trio Lash Collection allows first time users to experiment with different styles, as well as experienced user to blend different styles for different looks customized for every occasion ** NEW **

Ardell Little Black Dress
Ardell Little BLACK Dress is a collection of HALF (PETITE) LASHES available in 4 style combinations designed as eye accents. Half Lashes are ideal for parties, reunions, or an evening out on the town. They are the ideal make-up accessory.

Ardell Ultra Lashes
Ardell ULTRA Lashes are a high quality eyelash styles and handcrafted using European hair with the professional make up artist in mind. Perfect for that evening out or when looking glamorous is a must, these lashes are just what are needed to help create those SUPER MODEL lashes without the hassle of coats and coats of mascara. Each pack comes with a tube of lash adhesive, an easy-to-use applicator and a pair of lower lashes for added drama, you'll have everything you need to be runway ready!

Ardell Professional Nail Addict Premium Nails
What's your nail personality—today? With the Pro Designer Premium Artificial Nail Collection, you can be a different kind of baddie every day, with 9 unique styles of pre-embellished nails and all the tools you need for instant attitude. Your #nailfie just got all the likes. Choose between Medium or Long lengths and Almond, Coffin, or Squoval shapes. Each pack of pro nail artist designed Ardell Nail Addict includes 24 premium fake nails for you can customize and remix your obsession-worthy manis any way you want.

Ardell Professional Lash Extensions contain all the items required for professionals to get started. This kit is one of the most Complete professional eyelash extensions kits on the market. Your clients lashes will go to the extreme lengths with Ardell  Eyelash Extensions. Each look is unique. Customized for the desired fuller look, whether that's everyday glam, or ultra glamourous, runway photo-ready or somewhere in between with Ardell's Curl-C. Curl-CC, Volume C Curl, Curl-D and Pre-Fanned Curl Lash Extension.

You will be able to complete an average of 400 applications with Ardell's fully comprehensive kit.

No Adhesive Needed Water Activated Lashes, Aqua Lashes are lined with adhesive that is activated by water. Beautiful, lush styles in natural to dramatic looks. Lashes have tapered tips and a black band mimicking the look of eyeliner. Available in 4 styles. Aqua Lashes #343- Rounded lash style with full volume and long length with multi-dimensional layering.   Aqua Lashes #342- Rounded lash style with full volume and long length with subtle clustered styling.   Aqua Lashes #341 – Flared lash style with light/medium volume and long length with longer outer lashes for eye lengthening effects.   Aqua Lashes #340 - Rounded lash style with medium volume and slightly short to medium length. Stagger lengths for a fluttery eye opening effect.

Take your lashes to the next level of volume with Ardell's NEW 8D Lashes. These fluffy, feathery, full lashes have 8 times the dimension and volume for a dramatic, evening look. If you want lashes that are voluminous yet wearable, 8D is the collection for you. It’s inspired by the Russian volume salon service, the latest trend in eyelash extensions, which uses a multi-layering technique with fine fibers to achieve maximum volume. 8D creates the same lash-multiplying effect with layers upon layers of soft, fine tapered fibers.

Inspired by the popular lash lift salon service, Ardell's new Lift Effect Collection creates perfectly curled, defined lashes to enhance your own. Beautiful, upswept contours echo natural curves for realistic results. Ardell Lift Effect false lashes elevate your natural lashes with defined curls, instant length and a touch of volume. Turned-up lashes look fuller and longer, and make eyes look bigger & brighter. The extra curl gives your entire look a lift!

Ardell X-Tended Wear Lashes create the most natural lash look so you can rock up to 6 days' worth of seamless, oh-so-natural looking enhanced lashes without having to remove them nightly, or pay for costly appointments.

Ardell’s new Eco Lashes Collection is sourced sustainably and is beautiful and better for the earth. The lashes are consciously crafted from 100% sustainable fibers, hand-sewn on an organic cotton band for pure comfort. Designed with the planet in mind, Ardell Eco Lashes are packaged in a biodegradable paper carton, printed with soy ink, using all recyclable materials. Perfect for every day, the lashes look so natural, light and fluffy, everyone will think they’re your own. Look good doing good in our sustainably chic lashes. ** NEW **

LIGHT AS AIR LASHES ALL THE VOLUME, HALF THE WEIGHT Discover the incredible lightness of Light as Air Lashes. Get all the volume with half the weight thanks to specially-designed hourglass shaped fibers that give your lashes a beautiful, fluffy finish. Made possible through a breakthrough in fiber technology, our weightless innovation is 50% lighter! You’ve never experienced lashes this airy yet voluminous. So whisper soft and light, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Perfect for every day and pretty on everyone, the fluttery lashes enhance natural beauty, adding breezy layers of volume and length. Lighten up! Includes a Bonus DUO® 1 g Clear.

Bigger is ALWAYS better! Flaunt fabulous, fat fringe in a flash and take your favorite lash looks to the next level –literally –with Ardell's latest line of luscious lashes, Ardell Big Beautiful Lashes (BBL). The BBL collection is our best, bad-est, biggest lashes YET! Each eye-popping style delivers sexy, unstoppable curve, contour, and voluptuous, “va-va voom” volume that will take your look from the boardroom to the bedroom –effortlessly and flawlessly. Layered, long, lush, and natural-looking lashes you’ll love to flutter and flirt forever…because big, bold, beautiful lashes are life. No surgery required.  Available in styles Cheeky, Thicc, Poppin, Follow Me, Hottie, and Bae.

Soak it all in. Feel a rush of confidence every time you wear these cute volumous lashes, with a curl you can count on. Stay in the game with these resilient, sweatproof lashes – a real life-changer for anyone who works out or lives in a hot, humid climate. Ardell Active Lash Collection adds lasting body and lift thanks to a 3D curl that never unfurls when your heart rates up!

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