Out Of This World Dreamy Eye Makeup Illustrations

Fantasy Eye Makeup


With Inspiration from novels and movies Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg creates some amazing and artistic sceneries and illustrations onto her eyelids using sequins and make-up.


Grabbing attention from people all around the world, her work which is mostly inspired by childhood memories and fairy-tales has made her very popular.


Check out some of her brilliant talent in the pictures below for dreamy #eotd looks.


The relaxing “You Will Always Be In My Heart”

You Will Always Be In My Heart Eye Makeup
You Will Always Be In My Heart


The spooky “Childhood Fears”

‘Childhood Fears’ Eye Makeup
‘Childhood Fears’


The very cute “Dog and Cat Friendship”

The very cute "Dog and Cat Friendship" Eye Makeup
Dog and Cat Friendship


The Icy cold “Penguins”

The Icy cold "Penguins" Eye Makeup


The “Lonely”

Lonely girl moon eye makeup

The very colorful “Peacock”

colorful "Peacock" Eye makeup


The well known “Rapunzel”

disney The well known "Rapunzel" eye makeup


Who doesn’t know “Gone With The Wind”

Gone With The Wind Eye Makeup
Gone With The Wind


The famous “Dancing In The Hills”

The famous "Dancing In The Hills" Eye Makeup
Dancing In The Hills


A collection of “Fairy-tales”

A collection of "Fairy-tales" Eye Makeup

The Artist – “Hansel and Gretel”

The Artist – "Hansel and Gretel" Eye Makeup
Hansel and Gretel



Making Of “The Ugly Duckling”

Making Of "The Ugly Duckling" Eye Makeup
The Ugly Duckling


Notorious Walter White from “Breaking Bad”

Notorious Walter White from The "Breaking Bad" Eye Makeup
Breaking Bad

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