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Expert Tips To Bring Out Your Lash Sparkle This Season

Glittery eye makeup look to compliment your falsies lashes


Here are some ways to get your glitter on and add some sparkle to any makeup look.


#1 Brighten your eyes by brush​ing​ gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes with a matte shade eyeshadow for a warm smoked out effect.


Brush​ing​ gold eyeshadow


#2 For a simple on-the-go look, apply black eyeliner and add a silver lining above the black liner to give a casual but highlighted look.


Add a silver lining above the black liner


#3 To add sparkle to your eyelashes, apply a couple coats of your basic mascara. Before the coat dries, dip a separate mascara wand into a loose shimmery eyeshadow, then apply another coat of your basic mascara to blend the two together for a glittery effect.


loose shimmery eyeshadow


#4 Eye shadow is the perfect compliment to pair of stunning false eyelashes. Applying shimmer eyeshadow on the lower lashline will bring out your eyes and make your eyes pop.


shimmer eyeshadow


#5 To top of your false eyelashes routine, apply beige or white liner to the waterline of your eyes to give the appearance of bigger, gorgeous eyes.


Beige or white liner to the waterline of your eyes


#6 Metallic eyeshadow is a subtle look that is perfect for weekend day or night out.



#7 Alternate to regular eyeliner, make your eye color pop by using colored eyeliner.


Gold Colored Eye Liner to make your eyes pop!


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