Influencer transformed to an attractive Instagram model

‘This is catfish 101!’ Russian woman’s insane ‘glow up’ sparks a frenzy on TikTok

  • TikTok users are currently in a frenzy over the supposed ‘glow up’ of a Russian woman
  • The woman named Valeria Voronina, shared her supposed before and after clips
  • Some TikTok users however do not believe it is the same person in the clip
  • While others believe the ‘before’ face was expertly edited by Valeria, who they believe to be from Russia

Opinions online are divided over the veracity of a woman’s shocking glow up – with many doubting the truthfulness of the dramatic transformation.

A TikTok video in which Russian influencer, Valeria Voronina shared her extreme makeover journey has garnered over 31.2 million views

In the video, Valeria is transformed from an unattractive woman with yellow-teeth, blotchy face and a big-nose, into a mesmerizing Instagram model with long lashes thanks to some great eyelash adhesives. One thing is for sure, that smoky-eyed look can only be achieved with the best lash glues.

However, not everyone was so impressed with her cosmetic transformation, with some users arguing that Valeria’s before face had been edited to make it look more dramatic, while others insisted that there were two different people in the clip.
Valeria Voronina extreme makeover before and after TikTok video
Last month, Valeria Voronina, a Russian influencer shared a video detailing her extreme makeover journey and showing us her supposed before (on the left) and after (on the right) looks.
Influencer transformed to an attractive Instagram model
The clip shows the influencer (pictured) being transformed from unattractive with yellow teeth, blotchy face and a big nose, to an attractive Instagram model

Users even joked about it with one person jokingly saying “This is why women should never be trusted” and another stating “If this ain’t catfish 101”

Another user went as far as stating: “hardly the same person, I’m seeing two different noses”, while another emphasized his disbelieve by stating emphatically “I certainly don’t believe this”.

However, there were a few positive comments as one user stated: “take a closer look at her bottom teeth row and you’ll see that it is the same person. She probably uses the best lash glues!”

Reactions to the extreme makeover
Though a few people were impressed with the model’s cosmetic transformation, the majority disbelieved the story insisting that there were two different people in the video or that the ‘before’ face had been heavily edited to give Valeria a more dramatic look
Reactions to the extreme makeover 2
Though some of her clips may have been heavily filtered, fans are still impressed with what Valeria was able to achieve with some heavy eye makeup and bold lipstick and her long lashes held in place by the best false eyelash adhesives!

Though some of her clips may have been heavily filtered, fans are still impressed with what Valeria was able to achieve with some heavy eye makeup and bold lipstick and her long false lashes held in place by the best false eyelash adhesives!

Most of her videos start by showing the influencer with messy hair, large glasses and a clean face bare of makeup.

She is then suddenly transformed into this glamorous woman who stares into the camera seductively.

In the latter part of the videos, her hair is curled perfectly, her facial features looking put together with some bold makeup, fake lashes and perfect contouring. And the way her lashes are staying perfectly in place tells you she is using one of the best false eyelash adhesives out there!

A self-professed ‘toothless TikTok catfish’ has gone viral. With Incredible Transformations

A self-professed 'toothless TikTok catfish' has gone viral. With Incredible Transformations
A self-professed ‘toothless TikTok catfish’ has gone viral. Watch one of her unbelievable transformations!

Alicia – or Princess Glitterhead, as she’s known on TikTok – is a mum-of-four who now wears dentures, having experienced tooth decay during pregnancy.

Now, the 36-year-old proudly shows them off to her 1.4 million followers, defying trolls who mock her appearance and criticise her transformations.

In a video celebrating reaching the one million followers mark, Alicia detailed how she pulls off the remarkable makeovers.

After a shower, she blow dries her hair, puts on her wig and does her makeup. The process involves all sort of tackle, including an eyebrow pencil, primer, foundation, long false lashes and makeup setting spray.

And the result is there for all to see.

People have been blown away by her transformations. Credit: TikTok/@princxssglitterhead

Commenting on the video – which has been viewed more than 20 million times – Alicia said: “I’m a happily married of 15 years mom with four kids and I wear makeup for ME.

“I’m also a makeup artists with the same rights as everyone else to wear it.

“If what I do bothers you then cancel all of Hollywood.”

Explaining how she ended up losing her teeth in a video shared in April, she said: “For anyone that doesn’t know my story I’m going to try to very quickly tell you why I got dentures at an early age.

“I am 36 right now, I had no cavities, my whole childhood up until I was 18 or 19. Nothing, I had sealant caps put on my natural teeth because they had never had a cavity.

“I got married when I was 20. We had our first baby when we were 21 my eye teeth broke out during that pregnancy and it was the first time that I started having like really bad dental problems.

“You couldn’t see it on the outside. You could see it when the tooth would fall out, and you’d look inside it and there was nothing left in there, like the baby just took everything out of me.”

Alicia aims to tackle stigma on her TikTok account. Credit: TikTok/@princxssglitterhead

She continued: “So when I was 24 I had my second daughter and after that pregnancy I decided to invest $10,000 (£7,193) into saving my top teeth, and I did a full restoration.

“I went to the dentist every single week for a whole year, got two three-piece cemented bridges, all my uppers rekindled and crowned, with another metal partial.

“After nine years one of those bridges abscessed, the whole thing had to come out, and I was ready for dentures. So I got snap ins.”


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