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10 Halloween Makeup Hacks

Awsome Maeup Hacks
Want to make a makeup artist giddy? Utter one word — Halloween. Among beauty lovers, All Hallows’ Eve is like Christmas with more blood and guts. It’s the time of year we get to show off our creativity in the extreme. We’ve been known to spend hundreds on body paint and wigs, but this year we’re taking a budget approach. That’s why we’ve gathered 10 gory beauty tricks you can do with things you already own, like toilet tissue, lash glue, and red lipstick.

The Halloween makeup masters at Make Up For Ever helped us come up with these gross (yet gorgeous) hacks. Director of education and artistry Lijha Stewart and managing educator Nicholas Lujan break down everything you need to know, step by step.

You’ll be able to DIY fake blood and erase your brows with ease. And when your friends say your costume is creepy, you’ll know you’ve hit the mark.

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Halloween Hack #1: How to Make Fake Blood

Fake Blood

Shave off a bit of red lipstick. Mix in a creamy black eyeliner and finish with a dollop of thick, clear lip gloss. If you want brighter blood, add more lipstick. For a deeper, dried-blood hue, add in more liner.

These 8 False Eyelashes Will Make Your Halloween Costume Complete

source: sugarpop

Halloween is every beauty junkie’s favorite holiday due to the mass amount of makeup looks we can play with. This spooky season, try elevating your costume to the next level by incorporating false lashes into your look.

Whether you’re going as a black swan, sexy cat, or disco star, there is a set of over-the-top lashes that will suit your costume needs.

If you’re new to false lashes, Halloween is the perfect time to try them out. Use our handy guide to make sure they stay on all night, and then read on to find the perfect falsies for your costume.

Eylure False Lashes

Eylure Lengthening False Lashes No. 126

For lashes that are intensely glam, try the Eylure Lengthening False Lashes No. 126 ($5). They work great with any ’60s- or ’70s-era costumes or just to add a flirty accent to your look.

eylure false lashes #126

Elise Faux Eyelashes #128

Want to go as a bird this Halloween? The Elise Faux lashes #128($5.85) make it look like your eyes are sprouting feathers.

Red Cherry Lashes SPIDERWEBS

Red Cherry Lashes SPIDERWEBS

For a truly festive look, wear the Red Cherry Lashes SPIDERWEBS ($8.50) on Halloween. The cobweb style is ideal for any spooky costume.

Show Girl Lashes

For a beauty look that wows, pick the Show Girl Lashes ($). The lashes are bright red, making them great for devil costumes.

Halloween Makeup Hacks

 Ardell Professional Color Impact

A cat-eye look is great for a night out and for Halloween. Wear sexy criss-crossed  design Ardell Professional Color Impact Lashes ($3.49) with your feline costume and then again after the holiday is over.

Black Swans Feather Lashes

Ravens and black swans need the Elise Faux #139 Lashes ($4.25). They add a dose of drama to your makeup look with minimal effort.

ardell fashion lashes #102 demi

Ardell Natural #102 Demi Lashes

Ardell Natural #102 Demi Lashes ($2.60) are a cruelty-free option that will make your eyes pop. These spiky style falsies lashes are great for any doll costume or doe-eyed look.

Halloween Makeup Hacks

 KISS i-ENVY InPidual Lashes TRIO

Customize your look with KISS i-ENVY InPidual Lashes TRIO. Kiss Trio Lashes offer a quicker process of applying lashes that lets you choose and customized the amount of volume. Similar to individual lashes, except Kiss Trio Lashes take your eyes from ordinary to extraordinary in half the time!

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