False Lash Hack by Celebrity Makeup Artist

There seems to be many cool beauty tips out there, but it takes a really amazing trick to blow away a beauty editors mind. But this trick will, it was shown at a previous photo shoot. While the model was getting ready for the shoot, makeup artist Vincent Oquendo and hairstylist Sunnie Brook who were working on the model at the moment brought up a trick which Sunny learned from a Russian model : Apply false lashes under your lash line, not along the top of it.

Yes! you can apply your false eyelashes underneath your lashline! Here we will show you how its done to create a more seamless and realistic look.

This was put to the test by Vincent as soon as he was told about it. It consists of applying the false lashes under your lash line, not along or top of it! This may be a strange concept for most lash wearers but with a little practice your falsies will appear to be completely natural looking.

The results were great! The model loved it and mentioned that they felt like they were bearely there. She specially mentioned that it was the most comfortable way to wear them she has ever tried.

Step one. apply lash glue to individual lash clusters or strip lash.

Step 2. Application of lash under the lash line

Finish look with Lashes on!

Looking down with lashes. Perfection!

Additional tips:

  • Curl the false eyelash band around your finger or flex them few times to create curve to better fit the eyes.
  • Make sure to start with a clean pair of false eyelashes with clean band.
  • Curl your natural lashes first.
  • The trick is not blinking when you apply the falsies.

For those who need a step-by-step guide to this beauty procedure, YouTube Leigh Dickson has posted a video showing exactly what to do.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

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