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Expert Tips On Art Of Beautifying While Sleep




10 Things To Do Before Bed That’ll Make You Look Beautiful In The Morning.

Following this easy regimen at night will save you time in the morning and make you look naturally pretty.
#1 Moisturize Your Face and Body

Wake up with soft and smooth skin every morning by simply hydrating your face with a good night cream before bed.



#2 Braid Your Hair

A high bun or ponytail stresses hair follicles and causes damage. Instead,  why not wear your hair in a loose low ponytail or you can braid it to wake up with pretty no-heat needed curls.



#3 Drink Glass of Water

Chug a glass of water before bed, to  make sure your skin look healthy and hydrated from within.



#4 Sleep on Your Back

Never sleep on your front ladies because doing this increases your chances of developing unwanted premature wrinkles. The way you sleep can affect wrinkles if you crunch your face against pillow you can get them.


#5 Slather on Eye Cream

Slap on your favourite eye-cream liberally to ensure that sensitive area is protected and  hydrated while you sleep. Go with eye cream with anti-aging ingredients such as lanolin, copper peptide, or seaweed (algae) extract.


#6 Set an Alarm and Get Your 8 Hours

To begin a new path towards healthier you, sleeping 8 hours is a must for a healthier lifestyle. Don’t forget to set your alarm so you get nothing less or more than 8 hours of sleep.


#7 Apply Castor Oil to Your Lashes

Apply castor oil on your eyelashes so they look healthy and luscious. Those lashes are very important too. For added nourishment, use eyelash serum with panthenol or concentrated protein-serum to repair and restore thickness to your lashes.



#8 Wash or Wipe Off Your Makeup

Cleanse your face before bed even when you don’t have any makeup on as well. All that dirt and oil needs to be taken off before you go to bed.


#9 Moisturize Your Lips

Slather on some hydrating lip balm to ensure the lipstick glides smoothly on your lips the following morning.  Natural skin care products such as Burt's Bees Lip Balm are recommended for daily use without harsh chemicals


#10 Sleep on Satin

There are two benefits of sleeping on a satin pillow. One your face will be wrinkle free due to less pulling on facial skin, and two your hair will have reduce split ends and breakage due to reduced friction.


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