Woman with Blue Eyes

Easy Trick to Get the Hollywood Look

Woman with Blue Eyes

The media is full of fantastic looks. From our feeds to our televisions, the amount of artistry and execution in makeup and fashion has truly hit the next level. On top of that, we see it every day. How many times a day does one scroll through Instagram? How many YouTube videos do we have queued? It seems as though everyone is flat out glamorous.

Well, these looks are not just for actors and influencers. They can be achieved by any of us. The Hollywood look can be hacked. All you need is some basic components, a trusty neighborhood beautician, and some room to experiment.


What’s the first thing you notice about a person? On any survey, the answer skews heavily on “eyes”, and for a good reason. We pick up vibes from the eyes. So it makes sense that to hack the Hollywood look, we need to start with lashes. With the right lashes and your patent confidence, you can throw on anything and turn it into a fashion statement.

The best part is, you don’t need to be on the West Coast to get that look. If you’re in, let’s say Durham, you can still get it done. You can get the best eyelash extensions Durham NC has to offer, and you’ll look like you rolled out of Rodeo Drive. Lashes, for all that they accomplish, are inexpensive, scalable, and as permanent as you want them to be. They’re the perfect starting point.


The general look of Hollywood royalty is “radiant”. That term is mostly a marketing term used to describe a dewy and healthy look. It’s the glow of youth kept stable throughout the years. So to this, you can mix foundation and a cream highlighter. Use a dense, flat brush for application. Use a concealer a few shades lighter than your foundation and tap to blend. Loose setting powder with a damp sponge is perfect to set your foundation.

Speaking of foundation, mixing a bit of it with concealer for the contour is fantastic. Just use a bit of bronzer under the cheekbones to regulate tone. For blush, use one that compliments your lip color. Pink lips? Think pink tones with the blush. This, altogether, makes for the classic Hollywood red carpet look.

The Hair

Hollywood hair is split into two categories: influencer and star. With the latter, it doesn’t make much of a difference because hair and makeup are going to do what they do. It just has to be as soft and healthy as you can make it. The former is, without a doubt, the beachy waves. These loose waves have dominated the look for the past five years.

You can get these loose waves in one way and one way only: heat. So crank that hairdryer up to max or get the curling iron out. You’re not going to need a systematic, measured approach like other looks. You’re supposed to emulate the carefree nature of a Malibu brunch. Alternate the directions of the curl and do it at semi-random intervals until you fill the gaps. That way, you get a natural, soft, imperfect look.


No matter what you do, you can’t make up for a bad routine. One of the easiest tricks to getting the Hollywood look is to live a Hollywood lifestyle. That may not be what you’re thinking, either. It may be the opposite. When we think of Hollywood, we think of wild parties and late nights.

While that is somewhat true, real professionals have regiments and schedules. Drink plenty of water. Eat a balanced diet. Get enough sleep. Get these down, and your hair and makeup crew have so much more to work with and a much easier time getting it done.

The Hollywood look is not complicated. Just have a peek at any profile of celebrities in their day to day life. They’re not always 100%, but they always look the part. This is because they stick to the styles and shades they know work for them, treat their body right, and of course, get killer lashes.

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