believing that you are beautiful

Believing That You’re Beautiful Is The First Step!

A rose does not need to compare itself to a sunflower. An apple does not have to taste like a banana, it is special on its own. There is a reason why we were made unique, from plants, to animals, as every living thing has its own unique essence.

The universe is so infinite and is manifested in different forms. Beauty is not static. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors!

This uniqueness is manifested in so many things around us, even the birds of the sky are unique and perfect in their own way. Why then will you see yourself as anything less than the vision of perfection that you are?

The universe is your home, and where you are is exactly where you belong. You have your innate beauty brand which is expressed in the way you look and in the content of your heart. You are not a copy; you are uniquely you. We know this by heart when we were babies. Babies are the perfect expression of self-love. They come into this world without an ounce of self-judgment while loving their parents and caretakers with admiring gaze and the purest unadulterated smile. They love every part of themselves with great joy and loving the world unconditionally. We were all babies at once. As we move through the different stages of life, have you ever wonder what happened along the way, turning us away from this level of self-love often into our worse critic?

Social Conditioning and its Effects on the Human psyche

Unfortunately for us, our society values exterior fascade more than it values self-authenticity, which is why we’re often advised to be humble and act like we’re less than what we are. This can be quite self-destructive as the long-term repercussions include a lot of damage to our self-esteem.  

This is because you can never truly be happy with others if you’re not first happy with yourself. Happiness comes from within. No matter how likable we appear to others on the surface, we will never be able to form deep connections that touch the soul if we don’t love ourselves.

we see the things the way WE are. Talmund quote #feelgoodlookgood

The way we see others is the way we see ourselves

Our perception is not always reality, as reality come in different versions based on the observer’s eyes. Truth is relative. Our consciousness is what determines how we view our reality. It is almost impossible to get the same answers if you ask ten people what they think of a particular person, which goes to show that we all have our own versions of reality.

The different perspectives are a mere reflection of our personal bias stemmed from our belief system, so the way you see others is a projection of how you see yourself. Your opinion of a person may not necessarily mean that is the fact; it is merely a reflection of yourself, which is what you see in that person.

If you see joy and positivity in another person, it means you are actually a joyous and positive person. However, if all you see when you look at another person are their faults and shortcomings, then it means you don’t see yourself as good enough, which is why you’re so focused on the negative aspects and imperfect traits of the person. When one has a rally shattered self-image, one will start to think that the entire world sees him/her the same way with a negative light. This is why it is essential to learn to love ourselves. We can only love and accept ourselves and others when we learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

You too have a right to feel beautiful 

The modern society we live in has narrowed beauty standards, and very few people meet these so-called standards of beauty. The truth is that capitalism has taken over our societies. Capitalism is all about supply and demand, getting you to buy something so you can feel a certain way. They invoke the feeling of inadequacy in us, to make us dependent on their products to feel good.

Images of the supposed ideal standard for beauty are continually being thrown in our face when in reality, very few people actually look like that. In fact, the models don’t even look like their magazine selves in real life. We are bombarded with edited versions of these people to deceive us into thinking that we are not good or beautiful enough.

The beauty industry is responsible for fabricating these socially constructed beauty ideals. These unrealistic beauty standards are used to trick us into a feeling of inadequacy, which is what the beauty industry thrives on. For generations, women have been told that makeup should only be used to enhance their natural beauty. If that is true, then it doesn’t make sense that women are made to feel embarrassed about a pimple on their face or acne scars they got from their younger days. Most of the women I know always feel the need to cover up any noticeable flaw on their faces and body. Women have been made to feel dirty or unfeminine if they don’t hide their blemishes. We must learn to break free of this social conditioning and learn how to be comfortable in our own skin before embracing our natural beauty.

Self-love is the first step to self-empowerment

You will often notice that the way you treat yourself sets a standard for how other people are allowed to treat you. Ultimately, the way we see ourselves influences how the world sees us. Because of this, self-love is ever so crucial to your well-being and living well. It is so important to your welfare so you would want to bring more of it into your life. Do not allow anybody to guilt you into not taking care of yourself or feeling that you are less than what you are. You deserve to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world!

Society has made us believe that loving ourselves makes us narcissists. This is a very misguided and short-sighted perspective. Ego has nothing to do with showering unconditional love on yourself. Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself. Having more of it will help you feel fulfilled and independent because you will no longer need another person to validate your insecurities and make you feel good about yourself.

This can be quite liberating because loving yourself more allows you to set limits or say no to others, work, love, or activities that deplete or harm you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It frees you from the desire for relationships that are not built on mutual love and respect. Self-love will bring you into alignment with who you really are, and this way, both parties can be themselves and enjoy their natural connection to each other.

believing that you are beautiful

Move forward pass your perceived inadequacies

Humans are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are placed on this earth to live life to the fullest and enjoy all that it has to offer. Our time on this earth is limited. As humans, we do not have to be perfect, and yet realizing this makes us perfect, recognizing we are worthy and perfect the way we are. Life is short; it is not worthwhile wasting so much of our time waiting for others’ validation or thinking that we cannot survive without something or someone.

That little child with unconditional love that was perfectly content to exist on his/her own is still there within you; you just need to dig a little deep to find her. You will love yourself more when you engage with the beauty of your own heart and soul. Know that the unattainable ideal of beauty can affect you only as you continue to identify yourself with them.

Love yourself completely and unconditionally because no one else can do that for you except for yourself. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by society’s ideal of physical beauty. Remember to be love because that is who you are. Love is beauty, and beauty is love. Every day, say to yourself, “I genuinely love myself and the person that I am.” With time, you will love and respect yourself more and see yourself and the world more beautifully in a new light.

There is nothing physical about your soul. The love that comes from it is pure and unconditional. Every physical form is born of this love. All that matters is love, which is why you must learn to love yourself unconditionally. Tell yourself and your loved ones that you are beautiful and believe it when you say it!

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