New False Lashes from #ArdellLashs: Ardell-Wispies-Cluster-Madame-Madeline

Ardell Lashes – New Releases

New False Lashes from #ArdellLashs: Ardell-Wispies-Cluster-Madame-Madeline

I have always been an immense fan of Ardell Lashes. An fabulous pair of false lashes could add a great finish to any makeup look. Ardell also offers enormous selection of cruelty-free, manufactured falsies – if you’re searching for a soft, regular lash or a strong glamour lash, Ardell will have as style that fits the occasion! Not just do they have assortment, Ardell Lashes are also very easy to use and always have a super thin lash band for simple application! As should be obvious, I’m a tremendous devotee of Ardell Lashes. The Ardell wispies collection of lash styles have been one of my top choice falsies for whatever length of time that I can recall so I was super eager to catch wind of the new ones coming out!

Ardell 603

For a medium-length strip lash that have a natural yet glam look to them, Ardell Wispies Cluster #603 would be a great choice. These lashes make an impact by giving you an eye opening effect since they have an adjusted graduated shape that is longest in the center with decreased finishes to the sides. The lash band is clear and super thin so they’re anything but difficult to apply and comfortable to wear!


Another adorable favorite by Ardell are the Baby Demi Wispies. How cute are these?! These false lashes are a miniature version of their popular Demi Wispies style. These are a short-length false lash with a flared shape. Just like the original Demi Wispies, Baby Demi Wispies give the eyes a beautiful almond-shaped effect. They are perfect to add a bit of natural flare.


I’m obsessed with these lashes. The regular demi wispies typically aren’t that noticeable on my eyes. These have that much more volume with added flare individual lash clusters placed at the outer corner of the lash band for a dramatic flare.  These lashes offer a slight cat eye look an are perfect for an soft everyday glam look.  With thin lash band that is really easy to apply, this one is definitely one of my to go lashes!  Will be on the hunt for more of these!  See entire Ardell Studio Effects Collections here.

Ardell Lash Trios

Another awsome addition to the Ardell family are the Lash Trios. These are truly cool since you can tweak your lash look in a split second! The Lash Trios are essentially three individual lashes on a really small, transparent band. This makes it super simple to apply and the best part is, you can wear the much or less of them as you need! In one bundle, you get thirty-two lash trios that come in both short, medium or long lengths. As for me,  I get a kick out of the chance to pop on a couple of medium-length trios to the external corners of my eye and apply the short-length trios to the center of my eye.

Check out  the video below! Im’s sure you can tell how excited I am for these new Ardell launches!

Source: Review by @MyBeautyBunny

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