your hair will always be the crowning glory that can transform the way you look

6 Golden Rules of Good Hair Care

As trends come and go and we continue to change what’s in style and what works with what fashion era, one thing never changes, and that’s the fact that your hair will always be the crowning glory that can transform the way you look, no matter what you wear.

It’s important that you learn more about your hair, how it grows, and what your body needs to make sure that it is healthy and strong. This is why we’re going to fill you in on 6 golden hair care rules that are bound to keep your hair beautiful for years to come.

1. Wash Your Hair Properly

This might come as quite a shock to a lot of people, but there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to how you wash your hair, and this is because it does affect it. As far as we know, we just wet our hair, shampoo, conditioner, and we’re good to go! However, there are a couple of steps in between that you need to be aware of. Yes, cleanliness is Godliness, but did you know that washing your hair every day is actually not good? It strips it away from the natural oils that your scalp produces, and too much product is going to dry out and weaken your hair. Do not use super hot water, because this damages your scalp, and remember to rub the shampoo from side to side to clean your scalp gently rather than going round and round violently. 

2. Switch to Organic Products

Thanks to the advancements in the capabilities of research and technology, we’re able to gain a deeper understanding of what certain chemicals do. We have found that the chemicals used in many shampoos, conditioners and hair products can actually be extremely damaging over the long run. The good news is that people have taken action and now we have access to many organic products that do the job. You can now get organic shampoo in the form of bars, and the one of the many benefits of shampoo bars is that you are also helping out the planet by reducing your use of plastic in a big way. That, and the products are much gentler on your scalp and your hair can be healthier for longer.

3. Scalp Treatment Matters

It’s always a great idea to go back to the basics, and instead of doing all kinds of experiments on your hair, you need to just pamper it a bit. The natural approach would be to put oil in your hair 2 times a week (at the most) and massage it into your scalp. You can either wash it off after 2 hours or the next morning.

with good hair care, keep your hair beautiful for years to come

Find out what kind of hair you have, then do a bit of research to find out more about which kind of oil would suit your skin and hair type best. Natural oils replenish your hair and the vitamins it needs. This can be done through other natural concoctions as well, such as bananas, eggs, honey and yogurt, just to name a few.

4. Sun Protection

Just like you need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, your hair and scalp need the same. The easiest solution would be to wear a hat if you don’t have time for anything else. Otherwise, you should also think about investing in a sun protection serum or leave-in conditioner that has an SPF so that your hair is protected when you’re outdoors.

5. Eat the Right Food

We have become so health conscious, and that is great news not just for our bodies, but also for our hair. When it comes to hair care, there are certain proteins, vitamins and minerals that both your scalp and hair need to grow at a healthy rate and to be strong as well. Think about fresh fruit and vegetables, and stay away from greasy, junk and sugary food in general.

6. Take Your Supplements

Along with switching up your diet, it’s a good idea to also take supplements that support hair strength and growth. The most popular supplements amongst these include Biotin, B vitamins, protein, zinc, iron and of course, vitamin C, and there are many more. It makes sense that you would first visit a dermatologist to check up on your scalp, and also get some tests done to check for any kind of deficiencies before just deciding to take a random supplement.

Your hair deserves the best care possible, and after going through the points mentioned here, it’s pretty evident that it really doesn’t take that much effort to do so. You just need to commit to a healthier lifestyle and be more consistent in the way you care for your hair, and you’ll find that you’ll have strong, shiny and healthy hair for a long time.

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