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Ardell LashGrip Adhesive (1/4 oz) Reviews for the product - Ardell LashGrip Adhesive (1/4 oz) (Back to product)
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Best glue

- 5/26/2015

love Ardell Lash Adhesive! Easy process easy to apply and has a great hold.I would recommend this to anyone seeking a great adhesive hold/bond for false eyelashes for an affordable price. Compares good to other brands of glue.

Super hold !

- 10/6/2015

My lashes don't come off with this glue, works great and very happy with it

Highly recommended.

- 10/20/2015

My friend is a make up artist and recommended me this glue. So far it has been working really well with me and I will be definitely using this for a long time to come.

great brand

- 12/24/2015

I love this brand, it holds my lashes really well. Good glue overall.

Holds strong

- 3/26/2015

This lash glue works really good. It's perfect to hold your falsies in place for hours.

Works great, Love it!

- 2/28/2015

I have tried many adhesives including duo and out of all those I really like this one the best. It holds really well and easy to use.

Works really good

- 1/7/2015

I use this glue for my strip lashes all the time. It has a strong hold easy to use and also easy to remove. I never have any issues with it at all. It dries and gets tack pretty quick. It's great product and I gighly recommend it :)

New To lashes and I love this product already.

- 3/9/2015

I recently just started using false eyelashes and just bough a pair of ardell lashes and this adhesive and I must say Im very pleased with it. My friend recommended these to me after I saw her use them. I will be using this glue always because I don't really need to try anyone others since i'm really happy with this one :)

Waterproof glue

- 7/30/2015

Love this glue ! This is the only one I use, stays on all day and very easy when taking off. Also it is waterproof as well which is a big plus!


- 1/14/2016

I don't often wear false lashes but If I go out on a night of fun or just want that extra glam at the office I use them and I use this glue to hold them in place for hours with no problem. Highly recommended.

Super hold

- 1/5/2016

This glue stays on and I mean stays on! I love it. I would recommend using ardell lash glue remover to remove your lashes or even baby oil.

Lashes don't go anywhere

- 10/25/2015

This glue will hold you lashes like superglue. Very strong hold untill you use the remover to remove them. Thats plus for me. I suggest to use very little though as that is all you need and you don't want it to get all over the place. Let it get tacky for a bit before applying too.

Great for special events

- 10/1/2015

I only use false lashes for very special occasions or holidays and the first time I used this glue I was really surprised on how they didn't come off at all. Very good product.


- 9/6/2015

Very happy with this glue, will keep buying in the future :)


- 11/12/2015

If you want a good quality, mega hold and natural feel glue, this is definitely the best. The hold is strong unlike some other brands


- 1/27/2016

Works very good. Clear is my favorite

No worries

- 1/27/2016

Lashgrip is definitely one of the better glues out there. Always happy to purchase this product as I don't have to worry about my lashes lifting or slipping until I take them off.

Really strong

- 6/30/2015

This glue holds really really good, even through working out and swimming. Amazing hold !

Top glue

- 4/12/2015

One of my favorite adhesives! Odor is a bit strong at first but goes away. The strong hold makes up for it though.

Good !!!!!!

- 1/29/2016

Very good Adhesive. Make sure you use a q tip to apply.

Just as good as other brands!

- 7/16/2014

Glue holds lashes very good all day, I know there are other more popular brands but this one does the job really good for me.


- 5/15/2016

I have been using this brand for months now and i cant complain .

12 hours later, this glue works great!

- 5/21/2016

I needed to leave a review for this product after using it because i am completely satisfied with how well it worked for me it stayed on my entire shift

Works great

- 3/15/2016

I liked this glue a lot it worked like a charm. I'll be repurchasing when i'm all out !


- 4/24/2016

Holds my falsies in place. I love this product

i like this

- 1/5/2016

I like this lash glue it held my lashes like no other .

Love it

- 2/23/2016

This glue worked for me!

very good adhesive

- 7/13/2016

Mine held on strongg!! Very good adhesive!!

good product

- 6/1/2016

I bought my individual lashes along with this glue from this site last month and I couldn't be happier. The eyelash glue held my lashes in place!

best glue works great

- 1/21/2016

Best adhesive ever. Not only does it make my eye lashes stay on while i need them but it makes me feel comfortable to know they're on there good. one thing to remember though if you don't get your eyelash on correctly the first try you're really screwed because it dries fast so make sure to use your steady hand. As this product dries it causes the eyelash to stay in the place it is in. I have worn three pairs of very nice eyelashes when working with this glue and all 3 brands held up realy well. In addition, it dries a shiny clear color, which draws attention to your eyelashes. Would totaly buy again!

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