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Need help with lashes

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Need help with lashes

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:30 am

Q: I'm losing my eyelashes, but don't want to wear false eyelashes that far exceed what my normal lashes looked like with mascara when I still had them. I'd like them to look as natural as possible. However, it's really difficult to tell by looking at photographs which lash strip type would be best for me.

My lashes were naturally blonde and short, but I used black mascara. So, what I'm looking for is the shortest, most natural looking lash possible. I'd prefer invisible bands, as I'm one of those rare people for whom eyeliner is unflattering. Also, I'd prefer black so I don't have to use mascara. I looked at #108 -- seemed fairly short, but a bit spikey -- but would prefer suggestions from someone who knows what they actually look like in person. Short. Natural looking. Black. Invisible bands. Can you help?

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