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Are there lashes with a slightly stiffer band?

Mon Oct 31, 2005 12:43 am

Hi all!

I am back to top up my supply of lashes, and as I always have said; Mme Madeline is such a great place for ordering false lashes of all kinds! Yes, I am so excited about them as they do so wonderfully enhance your looks.

I have a question for Mme Madeline: I have ordered and tried a number of types of lashes from you, and seem to keep coming back to Andrea ModLash #33 - they have become my favourite, as they are dense and quite long, but still look natural if you don't wear them to wide. And I recon, unless your own colours are very dark, the brown variety is the best one. With a bit of dark adhesive (or a little mascara) on them, they are perfect.

Now, having said that, the easiest time to apply them is the second or third time when the band has some residue of adhesive left and has become a little stiffer. The lashes themselves are so solid you can wear them time and time again. (I have tried lighter types, but some of them have to be thrown out at the end of the day as they have lost their shape or there is too much adhesive left on them).

I was wondering if there are lashes that have a slightly thicker or harder band for easier application, but still with that thick, full, medium length look??

Thanks again from afar for excellent products and customer service.

Regards, Maggie from Scandinavia
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