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how to grow your eyelashes

Post your Tips, Techniques, Tricks, and Secrets regarding Eyelash Extensions.

how to grow your eyelashes

Postby » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:38 pm

How to grow your eyelashes?

I feel sorry but to say there is no one way to permanently grow the eyelashes.

It is because the eyelashes have a life cycle for 3 weeks to 4 months. So after 4 months the eyelashes will fall off and have new eyelashes.

But there are some ways to help your eyelashes looks or grow longer and fuller.

1.Eyelash Extension.
It is a popular method to make your eyelashes looks longer and fuller with 1???2 hours. The technician bond the artificial lashes with your natural lashes by eyelash extension glue.
The advantage is you can get any kinds looks, cute, sexy or elegant. Saving your make-up time every day, go for any water activities without worrying to be panda eyes.
Also, the disadvantage is that you should pay for some cost. If that???s the case.
About the tips about eyelash extension, you can go to my blog for a look.

2. False Eyelashes
This is a well-known method, by adhesive the artificial false lashes to your own lashes. It is similar to the eyelash extension, also there are some benefits or shorts.
The benefits are you can do this by yourself, decide wearing or not today, also, the costs may be a little less than eyelash extension. There are many types you can choose also.
The shorts are you should do this work every day that will spend you much time, and you always worry about how to do if it falls off during a party or go swimming.

3. Physical Method
If the above methods you are not like, this one is the work you should do every day but maybe only little effects or no effects.
It is you can use some stuff to boost the eyelashes??? growth, below are some for a suggestion:

3.1 Mascara:
If you want your eyelashes to become thicker, you can choose to apply it with eyelash growth solution, please use the one designed for eyelashes.

3.2 Overnight tea:
Before going to sleep, use the overnight tea bag or the cotton pad soaked overnight tea to apply the eyelashes to increase the eyelashes. This tea can be chosen at your like.

3.3 Olive oil:
Pure olive oil has the function of nourishing hair, so it can also promote eyelashes. Use every night. A long-term application can promote the re-growth of the eyelashes, and the effect is slower than other methods. Therefore, you can add some lemon flakes to the olive oil and stick to the daily application to accelerate the growth of the eyelashes.

3.4 Smear VE
VE is the most common type of pharmacy to sell, with little cost for a box of golden capsules, one capsule per day is pierced with a toothpick on the eyelashes. However, it is easy to grow fat granules, so it is recommended to wash the mascara bottle with a brush. When applying it, brush it on the lashes, and it will not get fat in the eyes. Some people use the old lip gloss box and use a lip liner brush.

3.5 Apply VA, VD or cod liver oil
Some people say that VD can grow eyelashes because the cod liver oil (containing VAD) is working, not VE. Therefore, some people use VD capsules to apply eyelashes, which works well for some people.

3.6 Smear Vaseline
It is recommended to use Vaseline or Vaseline hand cream to also promote eyelashes.

3.7 Properly trim the eyelashes
Some people say that the eyelashes are cut off, and later they will grow longer than before, but the effect of this method varies from person to person, and the effect on children may be better. Adults should not try it.

If you have more methods to grow the eyelashes, welcome to your comments.
For more information, please go to for a look.

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