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Postby clementina » Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:27 am

Hello all,

There’s something I’d like to share with you. I’m fully aware that many women are now in the same situation I used to be…so, hopefully, this will come as a useful tip. No more than a year ago, I looked very, very fat and couldn’t feel comfortable about myself. All that begun to change when I took up an intensive fitness program…however, I was not completely off the hook: I still hat cellulite and lots of stretch marks. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the Hydro-Active Anti-Cellulite Body Milk from Gerovital Plant Forte and I tell you…it worked miracles. You know, I just searched on Google for appropriate products and was fortunate enough to find the authorized importer of Gerovital products on US market:
For any advice, tip or shared experience please write to me and I will do my best

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